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I know that this weeks spotlight is on another card but for some reason I keep getting death splinter quests. Whilst I'm sure a lot of people swap out I like the challenge as this allows me to learn more of a splinter I am not really good with. I also chose to do this weeks challenge on the Undead Rexx as one of our members @ladymedusa asked about how trample works.


The Undead Rexx is a great tank with both high health and high attack. At level five Undead Rexx gains trample which can devastate a low health opposing team, If stampede is also in play the Undead Rexx will not stop until he meets a opposing monster that does not fall to his attack. The Undead Rexx is best suited played in the tank role to get maximum damage out of him.


Summoner: Contessa L'ament

  • I used Contessa L'ament here for the -1 range it gives to my opponent.

First slot: Undead Rexx

  • The high health and high attack combined with the trample ability make this a great tank and why I chose to use it here.

Second slot: Horny Toad

  • The Horny Toad with it’s reach ability is perfect for the second slot. I chose it here as it has two melee attack to backup my Undead Rexx.

Third slot: Skeleton Assassin

  • The Skeleton Assassin is quick and deadly attacking the oppositions backline at will. Sneak cards are best protected and the third slot is a great place to hide them from your opponent.

Forth slot: Highland Archer

  • The Highland Archer is a good low mana cost range unit at only 3 mana for 2 attack. He will serve me well in the third slot attaching my opponents frontline.

Fifth slot: Vampire

  • The Vampire with his life leech is a great card as he can become very strong stealing health from your opponent. The Vampires weakness is that it only starts with 1 health.

Sixth slot: Haunted Spider

  • The Haunted Spiders low speed is a downside but if you manage to poison your opponents tank then this card has done it's job. Don't under estimate the value of this little spider.


I am not overly confident in Death Splinter, so would I have changed these cards positions, considering the outcome I don't thinks so. What do you think?

post battle.JPG BATTLE

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