You know the saying "Blood is thicker than water"? Well that was the first line that popped up while staring at this picture of myself and my only sister. She came for a short school break and had to return soon,so we decided to take a a quick picture.


Nothing feels stronger and important as family relationships and loyalties. Well,not every family though. Where I come from,when it concerns family,it concerns every member and we try to have each others back.

We took this timed selfie with my sister's Redmi Note 8 phone. But I filtered it to black and white with my infinix hot pro 7. Trust me some pictures are better in black and white than coloured.

Feels good to be part of the #monamad challenge and to be posting for the first time here. I hope to learn more about photography as I am a lover of beautiful pictures - I mean I never get tired of looking at and admiring beautiful pictures. Therefore I trust my journey here to be fun.

Thanks for engaging my blog