How to win the Lotto


The chance of a lifetime

Here they are, lined up to buy a Lottery ticket. So many still want that chance to win the Lottery.

Corona or no corona, the Lottery business goes on. People line up to win a fortune by just investing one dolllar.

They are buying the almost impossible chance at winning. They have a lot more chance of catching Delta corona varient while waiting in line than catching the winning ticket.

Buying a lottery ticket from these kinds of places is worse than throwing your money away. At least if you throw your money away then some scavanger can find it and buy a sandwich.

Buying a lottery ticket here can only add to the corruption of the centralized government. Still people just keep buying tickets.

What would really happen if you won the Lotto?

I have heard a lot of people say they want to win the lottery, but not many actually consider what will happen if they did win. They buy a ticket hoping that their winnings would solve all their problems.

What they didn't consider is that after winning that their names will become public information. It's not so easy to slip away. Somehow people find out who won the Lotto.

You might win a million dollars but then suddenly you get thousands of new cousins out of thin air. Each one of them have the buisness opportunity of a life time.

Friends come out of the woodwork and each one like, "Hey, remember me from fifth grade? I'm the kid who shared my cupcake with you at lunch."

Basically you can't live a normal life anymore. And in Korea, a very close knit country, this is even more difficult. If you win the lottery here people find out really fast.

Beating the system

You are better off not waiting in a lottery line. Come to or here you will find the lottery for winners.

Have you ever heard of a lottery that gives you a one and ten chance? That would be ridiculous but that's what POBtalk is offering. I am winning the lottery everyday on POB.

Just 6 weeks ago I really didn't know what POB was. I just made a few comments and entered a writing contest and posted about my day.
The next thing I know I look at my POB wallet and it looks like I just won the lottery.

If you are not posting in Proofofbrain yet then you have to ask yourself why not?

More important than you winning the Lotto is your heart of Gold.

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