Yin and Yang of Seoul


Since we are stuck in the neighborhood we decided to take advantage of the Yin and Yang design of our city Seoul. Although we are in the center of the city there is nature all around us. There are always two sides of Seoul. It's not always pretty. There is a balance of old and new and modern and natural and hot and cold.

Even when it is way too hot outside like today we could find some shade and a fresh stream flowing through the city center. We could walk here from our house but it was over 38 Celcius so we took a bus for a few minutes.


It was refreshing to walk and see fish swimming in the stream and then get out feet wet. We have a river that people do boating and water sports on but it's not as clean as the stream.

When I see @offgridlife's kayaking videos I want to get on a boat and become one with the water. My son has been asking to take the river cruise for a couple days now.


I tried to take a picture of the fish but whenever we got close they ran away. Nature is not stupid. They know when we are coming way before we get there.

Koreans love to eat hot soup on a hot day. Fight fire with fire. After having steaming hot soup we enjoyed pat-bing-su a frozen desert. No brain freeze there.

After dinner I realized how much of our city Seoul has changed but so much stays the same. Little shops are replaced with large empty office buildings. Normally the city would be bustling even on a day like this but today everything was silent. It looks like Sunday but there are no people. There is nothing going on in the heart of the city.

No, they are not on vacation. Travel is prohibited from city to city. People are staying at home.


I'm trying to make the best of it.

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Fantastic... no matter where we are there is always Nature very nearby. It’s great to get out there and explore with your kids. The whole planet is very beautiful. Wait till you see my son’s latest film from Silver Lake. @shadflyfilms .... It premieres on YouTube at 11:00 am EST. (About 1/2 hour)

His YouTube Channel is called “Makwa” (Ojibwa/ Chippewa for bear)


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