RE: Role of data in cutting edge technologies

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Yeap, from those tiny buttons phones to today's unique smartphones. I still remember having calls from abroad once a month due to the unavailability and cost, and now we can be connected throughout the whole day that too with video calls. There are many more advanced miracles coming ahead. Recently I had seen in a report that we can taste different food item flavors by licking a certain glass or a material that has different chemicals to create that taste for us, impressive.

About AI ruling the world, I have heard this numerous times too, also I have heard that this AI tech won't survive much, plenty of judgments. Personally, I do feel that instead of passing negative judgments we should cope with the new inventions and adapt to them, extract the benefits from them and make our life more easy and enjoyable.

Data is the most crucial thing in this tech world now. Technology is advancing very fast and we fast keep pace with it too.