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The Minimalist community presents it's More or Less the Best, a curation compilation that highlights some outstanding blogs published over the past week.

These selected authors shared their personal stories and views on different aspects of their minimalist lifestyle, giving some insight into what the style of living involves.

This compilation is presented to help shine the spotlight on the selected posts, with the hope that you will take a look at them in case you missed any.

Outstanding Minimalists Blogs in no particular order.

Nature is aware of everything by @gabrieladifazio

I believe that if nature could speak through words she would be giving us a great sermon on a lot of situations that have arisen since the beginning of time as if she were a mother scolding her children, but unfortunately, she has to resort to subtle and not very subtle manifestations to show us that she is here with us, attentive to our every movement.

Nature "knows" the meaning of its existence by @chaodietas

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Many people take nature as part of the decoration of their environment. For example, we have a garden, but the function we give it is aesthetic. The same can happen with pets when we give them a utilitarian purpose of adornment or represent a status. But nature is much more than this! When we reduce every element of nature to ornamental purposes, we reduce ourselves because human is part of nature.

Listening to the Animals by @nickydee

After years of "being socialized", I got to the point that I hardly knew what I was feeling at all. Bar happy, sad or angry. And all of these were often hidden behind a socially acceptable mask anyway. Do you want to know what happens when people aren't allowed to be who and what they truly are? They turn to alcohol. Or drugs. Or food, sex and social media. Or any of the gazillion behaviours we humans adopt to ease the pain of daily living.

Rejuvenation Doesn’t Come Quietby @r-nyn

If nature was simply “there,” it would definitely not echo your laughter, the lingering aroma of fresh sprouts and rain-soaked tender earth wouldn’t ease your pain, and the cicada’s crying wouldn’t reflect as music in your ears.

... and the community leader shares:)

The Sky is Grey by @millycf1976

Accept grey!
Grey is the necessary colour that we need to see to make good decisions. Do not think in absolutes because challenges are going to be with you throughout every stage of your life. Knowing, accepting and embracing the good and bad will help.

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Thank you for the kind mentioning. It's amazing how we have so diverse point of view when it comes to nature. Kudos to all for sharing the thoughts and bringing joy to others and making them aware of nature's awareness.