It's More or Less the Best - Week 2

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The Minimalist community presents it's More or Less the Best, a curation compilation that highlights some outstanding blogs published over the past week.

These selected authors shared their personal stories and views on different aspects of their minimalist lifestyle, giving some insight into what the style of living involves.

This compilation is presented to help shine the spotlight on the selected posts, with the hope that you will take a look at them in case you missed any.

Some outstanding Blogs on values for the past week that stood out.

The Less but Best Privilege of a Lifetime by @nickydee

It's not, I believe, only a physical death that needs to be sat with long enough for a person to lose their fear and so be "liberated".
It's a psychological and social death as well.
Because when a person loses all fear of "death" in all of these areas, they do become free to choose to do whatever makes them happy. And to be who they authentically are.

Values That Shape Minimal Living by @artemislives

If what you see in your physical world doesn't resonate with where you think you'd like to be, then it's time to examine the unconscious beliefs that are holding you back from being your best self and living your best life.

Of my Values and the Whys by @tezmel

What are values you may ask?
Values are the scales that weigh what matters to you and they help you determine what you prioritize. They are meant to align with your character or you are bound to befriend unhappiness.

Values that shape my life by @teknon


Tolerance: To live in society, we all have to be tolerant to live peacefully with others. Tolerance is one vital value every individual needs to possess as it goes with us anywhere in this world.

Personal Values And Authentic Self by @pinkchic

My top 5 personal values make up the word CHILD, which stands for Conviction, Humility, Integrity, Loyalty, and Determination.”


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Ah I just posted mine, knew it would take me a while to write and I struggled with how I would start it. There has been such wonderful entries, now to go comment on the ones I have read xxxxx


Yes, I was most pleased with the entries this week. I'm glad you got to share your views. They are all so different and valuable in their own way xxx


Honored to find my post featured amongst others. This means a lot, I had to pour out my heart into writing to achieve that especially because I wrote out of experience. I'm so glad I could share.


I am glad you felt challenged, as it's when we step out of the comfort zones that we grow.
I look forward to reading more from you:)