RE: Electric Airplanes - A near future technology soon can blow our mind

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Some small edits you ma to do -

'The capacity of the batter should be made higher in order to do that.'

Its battery not batter.

'Unless we find a way to extract fuels from other sources or from even other planets, we can keep this going forever.'

'we cannot keep this going,' is what you meant I think here

This was super refreashing article.

This will take a lot of time, won't be coming this year. And if it sprouts will take years to get economical.

Obviously it will be tested and tried a lot before implementing this.

But I think its possible to have such planes, because they sent drones and robots to out of space and moon and stuff, so making a battery that can power to fly a flight for long won't be something not possile I think, I just think its not affordable maybe.


The scientists are now working on a sodium based batteries. Sodium is one of the most abundant element on earth and if we are able to make successful batteries out of it, it can be a great revolution.