RE: Can Hive Create 1 Million Millionaires?

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One little edit here required - "Suddenly, within a few month during 2021"

its within a few months

Anyway... this is so well explained .

Ofcourse, Hive has immerse potential... its already a multi facted Blockchain based social media platform, while other bg guys like AAVE are thinking of building one such platform on Ethereum.

Hive has a edge, its got a super interesting history of how it formed, very unique.

We never know, sometimes hodling a crypto coin of a promising blockchain project can make you rich, then if your participating in such a Blockchain project and earning more crypto of that project, that you can stake and earn interest, you may be quite well off 5 years down the line.

Ofcourse, efforts have to be put. We too have a lot to learn and explore.

I totally missed out on gaming, because I just can't spend time gaming, not a game player, not my niche.

But there is some other opputunity always, even I guess in just this writing platform.

I also leanrt that we need to do more, like participate in the entire ecosystem, because lot more is happening in the platform. Read Blogs and other things etc... there will be a micro oppurtunity to be involved in the new project inside the same project and get benefits.

Anyway...milliare???hmmm...don't know, but its possible with the kind of expotental growth that happens, and being early adopters...we can expect such things... just need to catch that wave and enjoy it whenever it comes!!

I would not have thought I would come near DEFI even a year ago, when I was warning up to the idea and now, I just want to get involved in projects where I can be more than just a passive hodler of the coin and be a active participant in the Blockchain and get rewards through DEFI, staking etc.

And I have a long way to go, lots of oppurtunities to participate, learn, grow and benifit due to network effects.

Just keep at it...and learn more indeptly about the oppurtunities in that Blockchain space to participate, or use the platform and benifit.

I have a lot to learn even in Bitcoin, as DEFI is there in there with stacks too... possibilities are quite limitless and its fun for sure!!


I totally missed out on gaming, because I just can't spend time gaming, not a game player, not my niche.

I am with you on this one. I missed out on Splinterlands because I am not a gamer either. Ah well, we cant be involved in everything.

That said, there are opportunities right here on Hive in my opinion that we do not see in many places. For that reason, I focus my attention here and try to help others along. Their lives can be changed.

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