RE: QUESTION OF THE WEEK 9.2 : If there is a God why is there so much suffering in the world?


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hmmm... I think I tried to answer this question earlier...

I have never been someone who believes in any particular God, but if God exists and has a few words to say to us, I reckon this is what he would say. Let’s all have good wishes, blessings from the universe… and God Bless you All (:

To my precious creation,

It’s nice to write to my one of my favourite creations, human who are, the wisest animal living in the earth, so hello social being and believe it or not I am God.

I know you hardly find time to think of me but I see you, don’t worry I don’t watch you suspiciously, I have too many other creatures and other elements to see after all but I am still there for you as I am for everyone.

I don’t interfere in your affairs and I don’t come directly to you since that is not possible for me, I have an infinite stuff to oversee.

For you, it’s all been “me, and I”, and many times I am disappointed with humans, you see I created you guys but I keep no control over you, but many times you guys are blind to realise the point of your lives. I hear so many people crying, asking me, scolding me, and cursing me for their life but my duty is only to be there to oversee the world not run it, because you guys run your life, you all are
naturally born free.

You don’t realise that what I gave you is life for you to live the way you choose to. You are the gift and life is a surprise and I always intend to be a mystery. I do reward and punish randomly, baby life’s beautiful but also harsh and though it’s painful, you got to face it and walk through it trusting all will be good in the end, if it’s not at least you did the best you could do and you will definitely gain something out of it.

You have my hand in all what you do my precious, you may doubt it, but when you do what is right, you will know what you are meant to do and you will find that strength to do wonders.

Good luck and believe you can make life beautiful and you will find me one day. You keep hope, life holds promise, reach out and be your best.