Hello great hivians, how are you doing, I'm sure you had a nice time today. We are back again thank God it's Friday and gosh!! It's the second Friday of the year ☺️🤔. Oh I have not gone shopping since the year began.
Today was the big market day in my hometown, it's called ITAM MARKET, people from other communities come over to buy and sell.

Before going over to the market I thought of what I really wanted to prepare today, I needed chicken to prepare pepper soup rice. Actually I love chicken pepper soup so approaching the market I immediately went to where I could get them

I wouldn't want to buy the broilers that is still alive

So I had to go for the already prepared ones because it will save my time.

I was excited because the price is not as exorbitant as it were during the festive season , at least it's a bit cheaper , its cost #3500 each.

Aside from the chicken I needed some kitchen stuff especially the onions , the onions looks fresh and nice , so I had to buy lots of them , I really love onions in each meal.

I had to buy fresh pepper which is #100 each

Alright I'm done with my Friday shopping experience for today , thanks for going through my post ☺️ , do have a nice weekend till next week Friday.
I still [email protected]


This is a one-time notice about a free service on hive.
There are communities that help support the little guy 😊, you might like ours, we join forces with lots of other small accounts to help each other grow!
Finally a good curation trail that helps its users achieve rapid growth, its fun on a bun! check it out.

A note on other bots warnings:

It's come to our attention that some of the people on this network (keys-defender run guityparties, and bots run by pfunk) have been attacking our advertorial notices by calling it a scam/fraud.

We have contacted the owners of those systems, we've shared our complete source code and processes, and explained that we've been running for longer that they have, and have been trusted by large subsets of users troughout, expressed all of our processes, which are simple, free, opensource and legitimate, and beneficial the blockchain and its users.

After doing lots of research and speaking to many other developers on this network, it's become clear that they use these false policing services to demote other projects in order to promote their own paid upvote scams and vote-abuse systems where they demote anything thats not designed to upvote their friends.
We respect their right to communicate what they want to, even if its false,however our project is highly respected, as well as open source, its already been audited by many users and its easy to confirm that there is no risk in using it.
Both our enrollment system and upvote bot is open source and whitelisted by MalwareBytes, accepted by Github, and we've serviced thousands of users since 2017, our bot is free and will only ever vote on your behalf if your idle reaches 100%.
We respect our users freedom, enrollement as well as unenrollment from our system is done directly on the blockchain and you do not need our services to join/leave.

Bot source:

Landing page source:

School of minnows is FREE OPEN SOURCE software, we run the bot on our own resources and maintain it for free, if you have any questions about the platform, the quickest way to make contact is directly contacting the lead developer on discord: moonshine#6211 if you want to add a friend directly, or on the entrypoint discord:
We are always active and happy to answer any questions you may have.


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