This is my entry for the daily #monomad challenge hosted and curated by @monochromes

To take part in today's #monomad contest, I'd like to show you some Macro Photo of an Mushroom share on this occasion it is a mushroom called "Isaria" , this is the name of the mushroom I found when I tried to match the photos in my smartphone gallery on Google lens, here I will also share some explanations that explain the mushrooms that I share on wikipedia, there it is written that ;

"Isaria is a genus of fungi mostly in the order Hypocreales and family Clavicipitaceae, or by some authorities the Cordycipitaceae. It includes a large number of entomopathogenic species, some of them exploited as biopesticides (e.g. I. fumosorosea): often previously assigned to the genus Paecilomyces.. . . . ." - Read More On Wikipedia

I took this photo of mushrooms when my friend and I were hunting for mushrooms in the afternoon, and this photo I took precisely on Tuesday, for the original color of the mushrooms that I share is yellow, you can see below the black and white photo that I shared on This time, I have added a photo that I didn't edit into black and white.

Okay friends, below are some photos of mushrooms named Isaria which I will share for today's monomad challenge, and by the way all the photos I share this time were taken using a smartphone camera and the help of a macro lens, hope you guys like it ;)

1651240688149 (1).jpg

1651240688187 (1).jpg

1651240688223 (1).jpg

1651240688444 (1).jpg

1651240688254 (1).jpg

1651240688291 (1).jpg

1651240688326 (1).jpg

1651240688403 (1).jpg

1651240688364 (1).jpg

1651240688485 (1).jpg

Here is the photo that I mean in the paragraph above, which is a photo that shows the original color of the mushroom that I shared on this occasion, and here I will also show the size of the photo of the mushroom that I shared which I align with the thumb of my hand ;)

1651240688560 (2).jpg

Okay buddy, maybe that's all I can say in this post, sorry if there are some words that are difficult to understand, because here I am still using the help of Google translator to translate my writing into English. See you in my next post, don't forget to smile every day, because that smile is charity :)


CameraPoco X3 NFC
LensSony 25mm & Q-Lens 35mm
ProcessMobile Lightroom
CategoryB&W Macrophotography
LocationIndonesia - Aceh


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