Along the river bank

Hi everybody! Всем привет! Hola a todos! Bonjour à tous! Hallo allerseits! Поздрав свима!


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Along the river bank

“...along the river bank, beneath the bridges, in the shadow of the walls, I could almost hear the collective, shivering sigh — were lovers and ruins, sleeping, embracing, coupling, drinking, staring out at the descending night“ — James Baldwin, Giovanni's Room

I spent more than a month without a break in my city. There was a lot of work and various other worries. But the thirst for travel is like a drug, it worries and calls to go somewhere far away, offering to exchange time for distance.


Everything turned out to be very simple, you just had to get in the car and set off along the river bank. And again, fields and villages, forests and rivers, and endless skies flicker outside the window ...


The heat makes us stop. The river beckons with coolness and freshness. What could be better than a boat trip on a hot summer day? The bright sun, water spray, fresh wind - under the velvet roar of the motor we rush along the river


After the speed and noise, we want peace. We contemplate the graceful silhouettes of girls on the boards. The day is drawing to a close. The sun is setting. We hear laughter and snippets of music. How I love these summer evenings...


Stand by

Sincerely yours





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шрифтец на подписях в фотах - Lemonad? - зачётный, мне тоже нравится. возвращайся на Хайв, хоть с текущим курсом премии и упали в разы, но всё равно, мед капает.