IAAC. #65. Day 18/07/2021. My musical experience 25


🎼Greetings to everyone on the #HIVE platform, and in the #ALIVE and #musicforlife communities, thank you for the opportunity to be able to participate. Today I continue with my #65 challenge, my 25th musical experience, and begin to celebrate the joy of being alive

I return today after recovering from a health problem, fortunately, it is nothing related to respiratory tract or COVID19, rather it is a state of general malaise, due to a meal that caused me a terrible stomach acid, if I had not had a basic knowledge of medicine I think I would have gone to the doctor, fortunately, I could solve the situation, however, because of this situation, I remembered when we go to the doctor to a private consultation and have instrumental music in the background, in the vast majority of cases it is popular repertoire songs composed by great performers of classical music, which are responsible for arranging popular songs and famous singers to play with their orchestras melodies that clear our minds when we are in a place like an office and in some companies and companies also often use this method to release tension in those people who have to wait to be treated, I leave them I must rest to recover fully.



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