IAAC. #70 Day 29/07/2021. My musical experience 30


🎼Greetings to everyone on the #HIVE platform, and in the #ALIVE and #musicforlife communities, thank you for the opportunity to be able to participate. Today I continue with my #70 challenge, my 30th musical experience, and begin to celebrate the joy of being alive

🎼From a very early age I started in the plastic arts, the Ateneo de Carúpano was at that time the institute where I started my extracurricular activities, children's creativity, then drawing and painting, you move through levels as the time of studies passes just like the school but with the exception that there the evaluations are qualitative rather than quantitative, you have to meet certain objectives, perform some work and meet some goals, In the meantime you learn the use of the different materials that an artist can use, there also dictate music classes of various musical instruments, to be part of the symphony orchestra, singing to be a member of the choir, as well as ballet classes and some types of dance, there is something for everyone, I also liked the sound emitted by the saxophone when they were rehearsing, I think it is a fairly advanced level, I admit that I am an amateur but very good with the instruments, so I got a little discouraged and continued with painting, then also with ceramics, in this publication I wanted to emphasize that when I was in the classroom taking painting lessons, I could hear in the background the sound of the sound of the saxophone and the sound of the saxophone, I could hear in the background the sound of the musical instruments during rehearsals and those who were tuning their voices to sing both in the choir and some soloists, everything also depended on the day and time at which I attended classes, in short it became a habit and I really do not know if from there or from where, but when I am working in my workshop I usually listen to music, which accompanies me for long hours even when I write, of course it all depends on my mood what I put on the radio to listen, it is a kind of company that gives me the musical sound./div>



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