Deranged Photography Contest || Action || Climbing Electric Poles



Hello friends, how are you all today, hopefully on this occasion we are still healthy and can participate in activities smoothly. On this occasion I would like to re-enter a contest that has been set with a very extraordinary theme, namely Action. I have prepared some Actions from someone who is in the area where I live. A man repairing part of an electric pole. That day the boss where I worked asked me to find someone who could repair the electrical parts. As per the order I have asked someone who can sort this out. This man climbed the pole with great courage to prepare for his work. Because this man can't finish his work from the bottom, he will take action to climb up to the top of the pole using a rope. This man is the light bulb that is on the pole, because the old light bulb has been cut off and won't turn on again, and this man has replaced it with a new one. Maybe this is all I can share, hopefully it will be useful for all of us. Thank you

My Entry For Amateur Level, Welcome To Enjoy My Drawing

For the best experience view this post on Liketu

For the best experience view this post on Liketu