Fungi Friday || Three types of mushrooms, two types I found in the oil palm plantation and one on the roadside || 20-January-2023

Hello all friends, How are you guys on this very happy Friday, I hope we are all still in good health and can participate in activities smoothly.

For Mushrooms this Friday and this is my contribution #FungiFriday hosted by @ewkaw

On this very happy Friday I want to show you again some pictures of the mushrooms that I have prepared. So in the past few days in our area it has been the dry season again and it rarely rains. Around where I live also don't have mushrooms anymore and yesterday in the past few days I tried to be able to go to a forest that is close to our village. Arriving in the forest there I found two very interesting types of mushrooms. The mushrooms that I found grew in the oil palm plantation area. So there I saw two types of mushrooms growing very well in the area of ​​the oil palm plantation.

The first type of mushroom that I found in the oil palm plantation was the Pycnoporus sanguineus fungus, this fungus grows attached to the cut palm petals and there I saw a pile of these petals. This fungus can stick very firmly to the petals and when I see it of course I really like this mushroom with a very attractive orange color from the fibers in the mushroom circle it also looks very good and I try to be able to take the perfect grain of the mushrooms.

The second type of mushroom that I found was the Psathyrella mushroom. I saw them growing in large clusters around a rotten and fallen palm tree. This mushroom is small in size, at the top it also has an umbrella-like shape and on the part of the umbrella it is also very clear that the fibers are very nice in shape. It looks like this mushroom is just growing and it also looks like this mushroom will be bigger than this size later.

Then the third type I've found mushrooms growing in straw. So this mushroom in our area is called straw mushroom, as we know there are two types of straw mushroom, one that grows in the morning and some that grows in the afternoon. If those that grow in the morning, as I pointed out, have bloomed for those that cover the mushrooms, which are round, exactly like an umbrella circle when it rains, and those that grow in the afternoon, the mushrooms usually don't open their umbrellas and they are buried in the rapids. Mushrooms like this can also be consumed and people in my area really like mushrooms like this. So I found this straw mushroom on the road because on the road I crossed there was leftover straw used by the people to harvest their rice plants. So in the straw residues this very beautiful mushroom grew and when I saw it, of course I really liked it and was very entertained, so I tried to take some pictures of this mushroom. All right, friends, let's take a look at some of the types of mushrooms that I have prepared.

this is what the fungus looks like attached to the palm petals that have been cut. we can see they have quite an attractive color display and of course they are also very firmly attached to the palm petals. but when I was in the garden of the cross I didn't see many mushrooms like this. But there were only a few mushrooms there.

This is what I found in fallen palm trunks that had started to rot. I actually really like seeing the clusters of mushrooms and the way these mushrooms look Because for me mushrooms like this are very good both in terms of their shape and the fibers in these mushrooms.

Now the last one is a mushroom that I found in the straw on the side of the road. They are also quite large in size and I am very interested in this mushroom. My plan is that if I find a lot of these mushrooms, of course I will pick them and bring them home to be used as food.But because yesterday I only found this one jam growing on the side of the road in the straw there so I just cut it and didn't take it home.

Alright everyone, that's a look at some of the mushroom pictures I've prepared for this very happy Friday. Hopefully with these mushrooms we can all make a fuss and become beautiful pictures when we see them.Thank you to all my friends who have given me encouragement and opportunity and I am very happy to still be able to present pictures of mushrooms on this happy occasion.That's all for today and see you later in my next post.

Camera UsedCanon
Model600 D
LocationAceh, Indonesia


Beautiful shot, the mushrooms are very unique and interesting to look at