Fungi Friday || Turkey Tail Mushrooms and Mushroom Panus conchatus || 23 September 2022

Hello friends, how are you on this very happy Friday. Hopefully we are still in good health and can follow the activities smoothly.

For Mushrooms this Friday and this is my contribution #FungiFriday hosted by @ewkaw

On the occasion of this Friday I want to show you some pictures of mushrooms that I have prepared. For the weather itself in these few days sometimes hot sometimes also cloudy in our area. I have tried to go around several places looking for mushrooms but since in these few days there is also no rain in our area so very limited with mushroom life in our forest. But even so I'm still trying to be able to find some mushrooms that I usually see growing in my area. Because it is often dry, some of the mushrooms that I share seem to be less fertile.

Mushrooms are one of the most beautiful plants and they usually grow in damp places or on rotting tree trunks. Among the various types of mushrooms, some are edible, some are not. Mushrooms that can be consumed certainly have a very good taste and I often see people who make it a very extraordinary dish. Mushrooms that can be consumed are also often seen as special menus in various restaurants and everyone who enjoys it will definitely like the cuisine from these mushrooms. All right, friends, let's take a look at some of the mushrooms that I have prepared.

  1. Turkey tail mushroom

I have read in several articles about this mushroom, there it is written that this turkey ecoal mushroom has good properties. For the Chinese people they consider this turkey record era to be a traditional medicine that they can cultivate. Indeed, this mushroom has been processed in ancient times in the 15th century during the Ming dynasty in China. And I've also read in several articles that this mushroom is called a mushroom that can help strengthen immunity. This fungus we usually see they thrive on rotten logs, usually this fungus grows in forests that have fallen logs and then rot there. Turkey tail mushrooms also have their own characteristics they have a variety of colors so that when we see these mushrooms they do have a very extraordinary beauty from their color performance. So this turkey mushroom I found in a forest near the river and there was some wood that had fallen then the wood had started to rot and was almost rotting and I saw this mushroom growing there. But when I saw that the atmosphere was in the dry season, of course these mushrooms couldn't bloom properly even though they were still living there.

  1. Panus conchatus

I found this mushroom near a residential area and there was a place that had been overgrown with bamboo and at this time the place had been burned down to the bamboo roots. Now this fungus grows near the place where the bamboo tree burned. I saw that some of these mushrooms seemed to have burned at the edges because when I took the photo I saw that there was a little black color. But they are still growing and I tried to take some pictures of them clearly. The weather is getting dark but I still want to try to be able to adjust the camera lighting to be able to take good pictures of the mushrooms.

Well, friends, maybe that's all on this occasion that I can show pictures of mushrooms and hopefully with some pictures of these mushrooms can make friends entertained and like them. Thank you to seniors and other friends who have given me the spirit and opportunity so that on this happy Friday I can still display the beautiful pictures that I have found.

Camera UsedCanon
Model600 D
LocationAceh, Indonesia


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