Marasmius siccus fungus and Nidula fungus

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On Tuesday, November 21 2023, I will show the picture again with all my friends here. Today I want to present a picture of a mushroom which is quite interesting. There are two types of mushrooms that I want to show, namely, the first is the Marasmius siccus type of mushroom, this mushroom is also a mushroom that is quite beautiful in appearance and color. Then the second image display that I show is the Nidula mushroom type. These two types of mushrooms have a beautiful appearance and I feel like seeing these mushrooms growing well in one of the small forests in the area where I live, of course I want to have pictures of these two types of mushrooms. OK, friends, let's look at the pictures that I prepared.

The first mushroom is Marasmius siccus, we can see as in the picture above this mushroom has a pretty good appearance, the small stem is about 6 cm high and at the top it also has quite nice circles and under the circles there are also fibers. fiber with quite beautiful motifs. This fungus grows on rotten wood or wood that has a high level of humidity so that this plant can grow fertilely. I captured a picture of this fungus when I was in one of the oil palm plantations and the rotten palm petals were full of mushrooms growing. I took a picture of this mushroom using a smartphone that I attached an additional lens to the camera.

The second picture of the mushroom is a picture of the Nidula mushroom. This mushroom is also quite beautiful and has no stem. They grow in groups on rotting wood. The brown color with fine hairs on this mushroom made me fascinated when I saw it. I took this mushroom picture in the same place as the mushroom picture above because at that time I went to the oil palm plantation to capture some pictures of the mushrooms that grow there.

OK friends, those are some pictures of the mushrooms that I found in the oil palm plantation and hopefully with some of this mushroom photography it can entertain us all and become beautiful pictures for us to see, thank you to all my friends who have given me encouragement and opportunities and see you again later in my next post.

Note, the words I wrote in this article are in Indonesian and I first wrote them in the smartphone notes application section. Then to translate into English I used Google's help.

Camera UsedSmartphone
LocationAceh, Indonesia


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