Monomad || Children Playing With Friends and Youth Bathing in the River

Hello Black and White friends, how are you today, hopefully we are all still in good health and can participate in activities smoothly.

Tuesday 19 September 2023, on this occasion I will present another black and white image as a #monomad challenge curated by @monochromes.

Today I am showing 2 image moments that I have prepared some time ago. The first are moments of pictures of children playing with their friends in one of the alleys in the village where we live. There were several people there and they were on bicycles carrying a toy gun. So when they were there I was very interested to be able to get some pictures of them. They are neighbors' children from my parents' house and I feel like I have returned to my hometown, of course they always invite me to do photography.

Then for the second picture moment, there is a picture of young men in a river and from that they are bathing together in a river close to the mountains. This river is also abundant because it has quite a fast water flow and this river is also close to a mountain. We can say that the river they visited is still very natural and has very clean water. Everything is also a little distance from the villages there and from the village to the river it takes about 10 minutes by passing along a rocky road.

OK, friends, those are some of the pictures that I can show you today and hopefully these pictures can entertain all my friends and make them beautiful pictures for us to look at together. Thank you to all my friends who have given me encouragement and opportunities and see you again later in the next post.

Note, the words I wrote in this article are in Indonesian and I first wrote them in the smartphone notes application section. Then to translate into English I used Google's help.

Camera UsedCanon
Model600 D
LocationAceh, Indonesia


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