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Another week of Battle challenge with another monster from the Dragon family and here i am participating in this challenge which is hosted by the Splinterlands team thanks Always for the great support and arranging these challenges for us on weekly basis.


Rarity: COMMON
Element: LIFE
Attack: MELEE
Abilities: Sneak

Well, this week's monster is a little cat from the life splinter which is a great card from the alpha/beta edition that you can use inside the life splinter with sneak ability to target the last enemy monster.




In the battle lineup, i will explain each card one by one that i used in the specific position for this lineup and battle to win this battle with the card that i used for this week's challenge the Feral Spirit in the dragon splinter.


As I do not have the upgraded version of life splinter I have a level 4 Daria in which I can use the life splinter with upgraded cards like I used in this battle where you can see the battle line up and positioning of cards and you will know about the summoner ability which works same like the Beta fire summoner but it cost 4 mana cap and this one is also a reward card that I did not get from the rewards because of late joining.


In the first position, i used the life card with no attack ability which is a warrior of peace at level 6 where it reduce one melee and range attack from the enemy team while the ruleset was awesome with opportunity ability, and neutral was off in the battle so i put this card in the first position to reduce the melee and range while putting the taunt ability card in the last position to save this monster for some time.

In the second position, I went for the main card of this week's challenge which is a small kitty but works great with its enough speed and targeting the last enemy monster with its sneak ability. I am using this card in low mana battles but not using the life splinter all the time because of not yet upgraded to level 5 and this time from the chaos legion edition i will upgrade the life summoner i am saving some of my investment for this card but the hive price is down so i will wait for the hive pump to buy some dec and upgrade the latest summoner. However, this card works great in this battle to target the last enemy monster to lower the health of that monster and my other enemy monster attacks on that monster because of the opportunity ruleset.

In the third position, I used the sneak ability card with double strike and poison which can easily vanish the monster because of its double strike and poison effect on the enemy backline monster. However, my enemy team used legendary cards in the last position with taunt ability so all these cards were busy attacking that monster and they killed that monster easily because of double strike and poison.

Here is one more double strike monster from the dragon family i choose the dragon splinter because i can use both cards from the splinter and life monsters so this card belongs to the dragon with double strike and legendary rarity that works great on the battlefield to give your a double strike along with a single range attack so this card can work great in the opportunity and melee sneak along with the melee mayhem ruleset and in this battle this one was the beast killer.

Here is the magic card that belongs to the life splinter and its rarity is epic that i bought it cheaply not remember but it is worth 100 USD+ which triple my investment not only this card the above legendary card also that i upgraded to level 2 with only 6 USD and now that card worth also 150 USD+ so one of the best investment in my life so this card is great for protection to give you two armors with two magic attacks.

Last but not least here is a rare card that i used in the last position because of its taunt ability to divert the attention of enemy monsters towards this card until it dies and can also attack from the last position in the opportunity ruleset like in this battle you can see its attack so my monsters were busy to kill the enemy monsters and the enemy team monsters were busy to kill this monster.

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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