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How are you all guys hope you will be blessed and fine. In today's post, I will share today's focus rewards and a new card from the gladius edition with epic rarity which lives in the life family of gladius monsters.


The Order of the Silver Shield has bestowed the rank of Knight onto no more than a dozen females in the hundreds of years of their reign. While there is no rule written in the Silver Shield Codex demanding that females not be considered as KnightsRead more

There are lots of gladius monsters some are common, and rare that we are getting on every gladius pack while some are legendaries and epic which are less in circulation and we are getting these cards in less ratio as compared to the rare and common cards like this is the first epic card that i got for the first time ever in my alt account and not yet got in my main account where i opened lots of packs and got 5 legendaries there but not yet this card in my main account and got it for the first time here in my alt account that i will use in the battle to check this card that how its work with its reach ability while there are some other cool abilities that i am going to discuss below.



The card cost 9 mana on the battlefield with its reach ability there are total 4 abilities in this card the first two abilities that you can get from this card are reach and bloodlust at level 1 and you can get 4 melee attack from this card with 5 speed and 4 armor along with 8 life which is enough in high mana battles, especially in the armor rulesets. At level 2 the melee attack will get increase while at level 3 one life will be added and then at level 4 the inspiring will be unlocked and all of your friendly monster will get the melee attack extra from this card and at max level you can get the trample ability.



Here is the pack opening result that i bought recently with merits tokens and i think the current brawl rewards in merits were the last rewards that i got today 3k in my main account each player got 3k merits while in my alt we got 1600 and this pack is from the old merits the new packs will be opened and shared in the upcoming posts on my blog hope to get some more new and good cards while in this pack i got one epic that i already shared while 4 common cards in which some are new in my alt account because i opened only a few packs so the gladius cards are not that much only a few cards available in this account.



The new season has started so the rating and tires are resets to new tires due to which players are getting fewer RP points as well as fewer loot chess rewards difficult to earn more RP points and up their leagues, as i played lots of battles today but did not reached back to gold 1 league and made 4 loot chests only but it will higher slowly while got 100 merits and some common cards today from the focus rewards.

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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