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Curation reward: 0.04263712 NEOXAG for kushyzee/a-fun-yet-exhausting-contest
Author reward: 0.03337884 NEOXAG for mojtee07/re-seckorama-s507c9
Author reward: 0.00345727 NEOXAG for mojtee07/re-jeansapphire-s507ad
Author reward: 0.00028762 NEOXAG for mojtee07/re-nenio-s506ug
Author reward: 0.01791353 NEOXAG for mojtee07/my-3rd-hpud-in-2023
Curation reward: 0.05828892 NEOXAG for nenio/hive-power-up-day-hpud-power-up-month-december-diciembre-2023-my-35th-hpud-and-7th-pum
Curation reward: 0.17677928 NEOXAG for yennysferm71/my-power-up-for-december
Curation reward: 0.02596937 NEOXAG for sodom-lv/hpud-december-1st-or-my
Curation reward: 0.02748963 NEOXAG for kungfukid/6th-power-up-day
Curation reward: 0.02387334 NEOXAG for jeansapphire/my-7th-power-up-for-this-year-2023
Curation reward: 0.02911600 NEOXAG for princess-dara/the-first-and-last-try
Curation reward: 0.05464230 NEOXAG for seckorama/today-is-last-12th-hpud
Author reward: 0.01226795 NEOXAG for mojtee07/my-worst-habit
Curation reward: 0.03258763 NEOXAG for jjmusa2004/i-would-adapt-if-there
Author reward: 0.55138704 NEOXAG for mojtee07/life-without-social-media
Curation reward: 0.03194290 NEOXAG for amiableamara/my-life-without-social-media
Curation reward: 0.03791804 NEOXAG for henrietta27/my-favorite-age-so-far
Curation reward: 0.02518318 NEOXAG for seunnara/looku-looku-an-habit-i-developed-while-growing
Curation reward: 0.04780000 NEOXAG for eunice9200/life-without-social-media
Curation reward: 0.04644167 NEOXAG for valchiz/my-worst-habit-or-ineffective
Curation reward: 0.02401423 NEOXAG for beauty197/worse-habit-i-will-like
Curation reward: 0.02818034 NEOXAG for eunice9200/my-bad-habit-that-i-find-difficult-to-amend
Curation reward: 0.02336602 NEOXAG for adaezeinchrist/the-bad-habit-i-would
Author reward: 1.23875904 NEOXAG for mojtee07/my-expensive-and-cheapest-meal
Author reward: 0.00861566 NEOXAG for mojtee07/re-princess-dara-20231128t95429811z
Curation reward: 0.03691395 NEOXAG for princess-dara/expensive-vs-cheap-food
Curation reward: 0.83344874 NEOXAG for eunice9200/homemade-meals-is-my-choice
Curation reward: 0.02702470 NEOXAG for marynn/my-cheapest-and-most-expensive-food
Curation reward: 0.02496263 NEOXAG for chm-writes/mislaid
Curation reward: 0.02758090 NEOXAG for faithetim/zapfic-monday-way
Author reward: 0.05436255 NEOXAG for mojtee07/zapfic50monday-way
Curation reward: 0.03831828 NEOXAG for hive-naija/hivenaija-weekly-prompt-23-official-announcement-and-prompt-winners
Curation reward: 0.04983317 NEOXAG for hive.ghana/weekly-engagement-wk-26-join-us-for-a-week-filled-with-exciting-activities
Author reward: 1.54491211 NEOXAG for mojtee07/who-the-cap-fit-let-them-wear-it
Curation reward: 0.02437680 NEOXAG for kushyzee/faces-to-adorn-the-currency
Curation reward: 0.02392142 NEOXAG for kilvnrex/who-should-be-in-nigerias-currency-note
Curation reward: 0.09540774 NEOXAG for magicfingerz/xatvysit
Curation reward: 0.12128418 NEOXAG for sholex94/united-we-stand
Author reward: 0.46087971 NEOXAG for mojtee07/no-one-knows-it-all
Curation reward: 0.03531048 NEOXAG for kaibagt/team-work-and-brainstorm-enptbr
Curation reward: 0.03844437 NEOXAG for itwithsm/respect-everyone-s-opinion
Curation reward: 0.03923861 NEOXAG for sholex94/serkxugf
Curation reward: 0.02341943 NEOXAG for rafzat/my-positive-and-negative-experience
Curation reward: 0.12871442 NEOXAG for peacious/what-i-do-to-escape-the-weight-of-boredom
Author reward: 0.24391624 NEOXAG for mojtee07/dealing-with-boredom
Curation reward: 0.26513352 NEOXAG for abu78/graduation-it-was-four-years
Curation reward: 0.03483600 NEOXAG for harhess/how-to-get-over-boredom
Curation reward: 0.02518545 NEOXAG for amiableamara/the-servant-king
Curation reward: 0.14537569 NEOXAG for monica-ene/the-memories-of-my-service-to-my-fatherland
Author reward: 0.02798385 NEOXAG for mojtee07/re-michupa-20231121t125721988z
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