Urban Explorer: An abandoned manor house


We visited an almost 300 year old manor house. This manor used to conduct all the activities of his kingdom from this house. We were all excited because we were going to meet history. In earlier days manors ran the kingdom by levying a high rate of tax on all the lands included in their domain. They were very wealthy and lived a luxurious life. They themselves used to make laws to govern the state, so if anyone disobeyed them, they could punish them severely. Their luxury can be seen in their buildings. At that time when people of the kingdoms lived in houses made of straw, the minors used to build palaces and huge ponds as they wished, spending a lot of money. We will now take a look at the old structures of this minor.

We see a pillar at the entrance to this minor's house. It was used as a gate. The other pillar which was on the opposite side of this pillar is probably destroyed. So only this one pillar still survives



It is believed that the minor lived in this building. Minor spent the night here with his multiple wives. Now a family lives here. So it was not possible to enter inside this building. We did not enter inside this building out of concern for the family's privacy



There are many dilapidated buildings with completely destroyed roofs. You can see photos of these destroyed buildings below.









Something like shelf's on the walls. These are seen on many walls. Perhaps they used these shelves to store something, such as torches



There is a large lake which was excavated by this manor. This lake is known as "Himanta Sagar". At that time there was no digging machine like in modern times. The manor dug it with the people of his kingdom. Thousands of people are supposed to take many years to dig this lake. You can see only half of this lake. I took the picture from the side of these buildings. During the period of the manor, the water of this lake was used for bathing and other purposes.


Manor and his family used this staircase to reach this lake. No one uses this staircase now. Now imagine a scene where the queens are going down these stairs and bathing in this lake. Do you know what would have happened if you had lived at that time and seen the queens bathing with your own eyes? The manor at that time would raise your eyes. Ha ha ha, this kind of punishment is to be expected for breaking the privacy of the manor as the manors at the time could do whatever they wanted.


This manor was Hindu. So the manor built a temple to worship. This temple and the surrounding area are probably occupied by Hindus. As they constructed a building, I could not take a full picture of the temple.


This is the door of the temple. This door is made of wood and the top design is made of iron.


The pillars are round and beautifully designed on the top


Inside this temple is an altar to keep an idol. It is still worshiped here by Hindus as you can guess from the raw color of vermilion.


It is a wall that surrounds the manor house. These walls are very wide.


The name of this manor was Jagendranath Maitri. He lived in this area about 300 years ago. His descendants were living here till 1947. His descendants left this country for Calcutta during the partition of the country . They leave with their gold, precious stones etc and without selling their properties. Their huge land is being enjoyed by the people of this area.

People of this area say that this manor had few elephants and many horses and many soldiers. The manor used elephants to travel to other states. Soldiers patrolled the state with horses. There were also prisons for incarcerating the accused. This manor had everything needed to run a kingdom. This area was the capital of this manor at the time. It was his exercise of power over large areas that made him famous.

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