A Surprise Weekend Visit

Hello Hivers, a worm greeting from me, hope you guys are doing well, it's always nice reading our post in this great community, and today I just decided to make my first post since I join this great community some days ago.

Today am sharing my weekend experience, though I thought it's would be a boring weekend but I was surprised to see my brother and sister paying us a surprise visit.

We're a family of five, four boys and a girl, my elder brother is married and he's stayes with his family far away from us in the city, while I and my brother Utibe are staying together, my sister blessing and my brother Stephen together stayed in another city.

My brother and I leaves in a small town of about twenty thousand people far away from the city. I was happy seeing my brother and sister coming back home though they did not want to inform us of their coming but it's nice. Seeing my little sister this weekend was a memorable day for me because when our parents died, she was very little of age and we were thinking of her since she was the last child, and now she's in the university studying Genetics and biotechnology.

The Joy of being with the family has always been amazing, when ever we're together it's makes me remember our parents if they were still alive.
So I decided to do shopping for her, took her to a supermarket.

Love this family, No please like home, love you guys
My family my pride.

Thank you for reading through,
Hope to get a better phone for a clearer pictures.


Looks like you had a fun weekend. Hanging out with fam, always makes for a great weekend.

I feel like I said the word weekend too much. Am I saying weekend too much? Why weekend am I saying weekend the weekend word weekend so much? Oh weekend shit!

Ignore that last part. I didn't get much sleep today😅

Also, side note: You look so much like your sister! Oh my Goodness! What a beautiful family!