A primary school prefect, Was it fun or a responsibility


Hello Hive.

My sister is a playful and accommodating person and I kinda wonder if that was the reason a game prefect badge was given to her.
Not knowing the selection process for picking a prefect or the qualities they look out for, been a perfect in primary school is usually more of fun and play than any responsibility.


Having a very small stature while I was in school they had wanted to give me the head girl but felt that I wasn't having the body build to intimidate other pupils and they don't want a scenario where I wouldn't be able to exercise authority over the pupils.

The quality's sought out them was the best performing student for they key position of head girl, head boy and their assistant.


For the older secondary school been a prefect can be both fun and a responsibility, you get to miss classes running errands for teachers and this little sense of pride sets in for been in a position of authority 😂 "You go de feel like small teacher".
Unlike in private schools, public schools especially boarding houses makes this even more fun,you have no choice but to be obedient and respectful to a prefect, or else you get into constant trouble of getting flogged or given severe punishment.

The teachers have no say in whatever punishment a prefect gives you,and even if such persons were same age as you, you have no choice but to let down your guts.



Walking my game prefect to school.

My question is this.

If you were a prefect in school, how did you make use of your authority and did your student see you as the most wicked or hostile prefect they must avoid?.