Freshly Cultivated fields to begin the years farming

Hello Hive

Cassava are biennial crops and the slightest rain makes them come alive. You can see the growth stage and process of the cassava we have propagated last year. 


There is this excitement that comes with the rains, firstly the weather the hot weather is cooled down and the atmosphere is calm.
Maybe that is when growth is possible and why farming is done in this season.

Even without propagating them you can see that the grass is green already and flourishing due to the couple of downpours we have had.


The first crops to be planted is usually the maize but before them we needed to cultivate the space.
Thank goodness, technology makes it easy and often times we have tractors to make the ridges instead of the manual one with hoes.

Depending on farm size and the price of diesel per time, an acre is cultivated from 10k naira and above.
While it was still dripping, I took a walk to the farms to see how well the field was cultivated.



There was a fault with the machine and the whole field wasn't covered hopefully we will add more fields to this.


Next will be the planting of the corn either today or tomorrow.
But first I will be heading out to buy agricultural seeds from the stored.
The engineered seeds gives better yield and since it is not a direct consumption of chemicals but that the genetic makeup of the seeds were exchanged it has less harmful effect to our systems.
I can't predict the price of seeds for now until I get to the store.

Although this was the year I planned to practise larger scale production and corn and others for commercial and business purpose, I and the family are taking this slowly inputting the capitals as it comes.

I am against taking bank loans to start up any business because of past experiences and there is no harm in stating small.

With that we commence a new farming season.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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In my village farm, we have farmers whose job is to cultivate and weed grasses. This planting season is usually good fro them. You have said it all that raining season is usually good for planting. For me, this is the season I used to make the best investment through agriculture.