Important tools for newLions in the leoverse.

Hello Hive


Been a new lion can be challenging and i can say about myself that I haven't been on Leofinance for upto 6months either even though my hive blog experience has celebrated its 2years of been in existence.

So its basically 2years OK the blockchain and less than half a year on leofinance.
It may not be the best time to measure growth, because this timing is a bit short for anyone to have have some positive and reasonable growth to show for it.

All I still own on leofinance is just some thousand cubs from my post here yesterday and less than a thousand leo.

Some of the things you need to develop as a new lion.

Some basic things needs to be put in place for everyone to have some smooth ride in leofinance community and hive in general.

You might want to see if this is in check before knowing if it could be possible to hit some financial and monetary target.

  • Engagement: A very vital tool in the leoverse.
    Been new, you need a quality source of information about the projects and development on leofinance.
    This can be achieved easily by visiting other peoples blog, tapping into their wealth of knowledge and asking questions about any vague thing.

You don't get to know things if you don't read about them, you must be open and determined to learn.

  • Discord: Been on discord and attending the weekly AMM makes your leo journey easy.
    There you can interact with older Lions and ask about things you don't understand.
    The room to the general chat is always open and I have meet the nicest persons on discord.
    No one is too proud to answer your questions and eve Khal himself spared me some time when I had some trasanction issues.
    A tech support aspect is there to reply and correct some transaction mistakes you might have made in respect to anything leofinance and Cub defi projects.

A note of warning.

Be careful not to click on any links on discord or directly on your blog post as there are serious of hackers that will pretend to offer help using those links.

Assistance for whatever help you need will come from the general chat where no genuine person can post a phishing link.

  • Leofinance app,tools and site: This is another important aspect of Leofinance that will help you find it easy to navigate the leoverse.
    Check out the leofinance mobile where you can get the latest updates on your leo feeds, important blogs and post you can't afford to miss.


There is also the hivestats, where you can track your account growth and some basic Leofinance informations.


I will leave these here and request that older lions add some site they find helpful.

You can also follow leofinance on other social media platform and stay abreast of every event.

All these links are available on Leofinance discord.

So I drop my pen here and hopefully a complete episode on some apps you may need to trade or learn about some basic trading.

On no account must you be involved in plagiarism or copying older Leos post verbatim.
Have a clear understand of whatever topic you want to write about.
Writing leo post gets clearer and easier if you follow these guides.

Thank you for having me.

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