Echinocactus grusonii, the golden barrel cactus.

This is one of the endemic cacti of my country, so it was certainly missing in my collection, today I bought it and as always, I had to change the mix so that it has the same conditions of my garden, so I only worry about watering everything the same day and that's it.


The cactus came in a good condition, but the pot is small and as I mentioned, I like to change the mix to check roots and its interior.


I thought about using these little buckets that I bought to see what I can plant in them, but since it's about the same size as the pot, I decided not to use it.



Instead I decided to reuse this pot, I think it goes better with this cactus.



I added stones and a lot of charcoal, the idea is to leave this cactus outside, and as I have always read that charcoal can help to avoid fungus, I decided to add it, besides the roots of the cactus are not deep, so I don't think it will hurt it.


I also had this mix 100% mineral, which I also added to fill the pot, and being mineral it will not retain water.


It was time to check the roots, I cleaned them very carefully so as not to damage them, but this way I realize the health of the cactus, there was a moment when I thought of doing a root pruning, but I think it will be better next year.



I put the cactus in and filled with my current mix, which is 90% mineral and 10% organic, notice that I don't cover it completely, I only cover the roots, at this moment I can't stop holding the cactus because it could fall sideways.



On top I will add crushed lava rock, but only the larger parts, what is left as dust is discarded because I have seen that it can retain moisture, instead I will probably use it in some seedlings I am about to make.



I like to use this decoration because I think it looks great, plus it creates a separation between the cactus and the mix and this way I feel like I keep moisture from coming up to the cactus.


Although I didn't bury the cactus and the roots remained superficial, this small lava stone creates enough force to stop the cactus, this way the roots will have to find their way and hold on to the mix to give more strength to the cactus.


I thought about adding more lava rock, but since it is the same color I didn't like the idea, although now that I remember I have some black lava rock, maybe tomorrow I will make another decoration for it.


In the end I decided to add some river stones to help with the decoration, remember that in my case I don't only think about the well being of the cactus, I also think about the aesthetics since as you know, my intention is always to take pictures of my cactus, either to show here or in some places where I send pictures.


In nature this cactus grows in full sun, so after getting used to it I will leave it completely in the sun, we will see what happens over the months and years, maybe it will grow healthy, maybe the outside will leave marks on its skin, either way it will serve me for photographs, but the most important thing is that I think that the best thing we can do with our cactus is to imitate the conditions in which they live in nature.


I have some little ones that I grew from seed. They are very tough here


Great, I want to buy seeds too, firstly because I like this cactus, and secondly because I have done some research and apparently it is a good grafting rootstock.

In fact I just grafted an ariocarpus retusus into a pereskiopsis, the ariocarpus is about a week old, I hope everything went well because my hands are shaking haha.

Oh by the way, in the nursery they are selling a 31 years old Echinocactus grusonii, or so says the legal paper of the place where they brought it, as soon as I have time I will go to make some pictures, or it is probably better video, although to be honest knowing that it is 31 years old, I was a little disappointed because its size is not too big, you'll see.