Macro photography of mammillaria cactus flowers

This time I was checking the garden looking for some flowers that I could use to participate in the macro photography contest of @photofeed, but I wanted to do things a little different, instead of putting the macro extension tubes I decided to use the 55-250mm lens and check if it still continues working as it should, since the last post I did with this lens and I had problems with the focus, I had not been able to check it making new photographs until today.


In many places we can read about what this lens is good for, however I like to think out of the box and give the use I want to any of the lenses I own, the lens says it can do decent macro photography so on several occasions I have used it with good results, sure it can be tricky to be zooming in with the lens all the way and be away from the subject I am taking pictures of, but hey, lens has image stabilizer so what the heck! Let's do Macro photography with it!


In fact these were the two pictures that I liked to participate in the contest, the next picture should look good but tomorrow as the floral button will open completely, but you know, I always like to take test pictures to remember, that way in a couple of hours when I open Lightroom I will see the picture and remember to go out in the garden to check if it is the right time to go out and take more pictures, thanks for watching the post, see you in the next one.