Many things from the cactus garden.

Having a garden of cacti and succulents is complicated sometimes, but once you understand the requirements of this beautiful genus of plants the task is easier to carry out, many people get complicated with different substrates for each of the species controlling the levels of organic and mineral matter, For my part I try to use only one mix for everything and this way I get rid of an extra problem, at the end of the day my substrate works in most occasions and with good results, that is why the flowers abound in the garden, as in this lobivia arachnacantha that I showed last year.


One of the reasons why I don't like to spray the garden is to protect the different insects and animals that can get to the garden, what I do hate is the mealy bug but sometimes I find some little animals that surprise me like this little gecko that I found yesterday while looking for seeds that I have collected and that by the way I forgot to label, so I don't remember what species they are, some people would have run away when they saw this animal, but not me, I better decided to take pictures of it.



Another surprise I got when I checked the seedbeds was to see that in one of them there is fungus, and I think the guilty was the lid of the seedbed, most of the seedbeds are uncovered but I still have some that I put the lid on top to conserve a little more heat leaving an open space for air circulation, however I guess that the wind moved the lid and put it in place avoiding the air flow and as a result of the humidity and excess heat some small cactus died and that is what we see in the picture, I will not check the seedbed and I will leave it in another area of the garden to see what nature decides, some may be saved or maybe they will all die, but I will leave them to their fate.


With whom I continue to make progress without problems is with the Obregonia Denegrii, Some people tell me that it is a complicated cactus but in my short experience it is not, you just have to uncover the seedbed once they have grown a little and keep the humidity low and they will grow without stopping.


The same with the Ferocactus Latispinus, although in these I do leave more humidity than with the Obregonia.


The following is a cactus with which I haven't had much luck, I sowed some seeds of the monkey tail cactus and to my bad luck only one seed was born, it is something strange comparing my results with the germination of other cacti, maybe the seed I bought was not so good, but I hope that this little one will grow into a beautiful cactus, maybe in 5 years we will know.


I think those are ferocactus emoryi and they are asking for more sun and transplanting, one more job for this week.


I have no idea what that cactus is next to the Myriostigma, I guess it must be Hylocereus.


More seeds collected, although I do remember that these are mammillaria gracilis.


My string of pearls is still giving lots of flowers although I have no idea if it has given me fertile seeds, maybe I need to try to germinate some.




A box with cuttings, there must be more than 100 and they are already healed, the problem now is again the space to put the pots, so if I don't find a solution maybe I will end up giving them away to get rid of that problem.


I am very happy with my Melocactus Matanzanus, it is developing its cephalium and that is a good sign of growth and I will also be able to collect seeds from my own cactus.



This is another Melocactus Matanzanus but it is not yet developing the cephalium.


Finally I think the pollination of the Myriostigma was successful although I wish more cactus and more of their flowers would give me seeds, but hey, actually this is my first year pollinating a good amount of cactus so I am learning to do it better every day, as you can see the flower on the right side looks chubby at the bottom so I think it will give me seeds, what do you think? And that's all for today, I wish you a good day and may your garden look beautiful with many flowers, see you.