Blog Update - Isolation



The wind blows, it is free
The birds fly, they are free
The leaves rustle and shift, they are free

Humans hide in their homes
Believing in facts and statistics
Doing as they are told
Sitting on computers and watching streaming

Getting lost in elaborate aerobics

Some use this time to get centred
Others use it to fall deeper down the pit of their own sorrow

What do you enjoy?
Who are you?

You are what you focus on
You simply become the things you place your attention on
The noticer noticing the drifting observations

Are you the watcher, or the watcher behind the watcher
Or intrinsically the body?

If information was not so rampant
And collective belief did not influence you
Who would you be?


I've kept my studio. I've decided to spend the money I've got on keeping it, because there is nothing more valuable than a large unencumbered space in these times.

Thanks to Reina De Vries of the Netherlands for being my first patron. Super excited to have someone believe in me that much that they pledge money to me on a monthly basis. Up until now and for the most part of my life, my engine has been run on self-belief. The game of motivation is a game of self-perception and self-delusion or not, self-belief causes you to do things.


If you cannot find the motivation to do something, isolate yourself so only you and that thing exist and slowly the energy will build to be able to do that thing, to desire to do that thing.

What a gift this time is?

Also what a curse... the body is lonely and it needs to be touched. It needs it in order to survive. One cannot live on text message alone.

The big wide world out there feels free-er at the thought of less humans, running to and fro, pretending what they do means anything. If you want something to mean something, invest time, energy, thought and focus into it - find others that see the same in you. There you go, you have meaning.


The blank canvas of life is readily available as an opportunity or an abyss.

The wheat from the dross are seen in moments like these. Jesus had good things to say, I am not a christian but a hopeless dependent on truth, in whatever form that may be, from whoever; a sufi and an anarchist.

What of this cycle? Do you find yourself repeating the same thing again and again? Like some twisted ground-hog day life? Stop it.

What of life and this 'end'? What of intuition and all oneness?

Who is listening to the energetic rhythms showing beneath the cracks of this facade?

Who dares ignore the call of the eagle, its emanations, its warnings, its doorways into new worlds?

The bird of all collective reason that sails above the gentle caress of the wind of collective consciousness... who are we to refute its wisdom?


We go again, another dip, here we go again. Like a rollercoaster ride on re-run. The first few times were fun. Now it's just sullenly predictable. Is anyone else sick of repeating the 'end'? What if we could get off that bus and stop riding beyond the station?