The Pitfalls of Traditional Methods of Rebellion in a COVID-19 World



This is an article reply to an article by @rok-sivante featuring a video by a passionate activist regarding the martial law attempts via the government on the COVID-19 Crisis -

She's got some good points [regarding the activist in the video], but it's more important now than ever to be as accurate about the statistics as possible. We can no longer exaggerate statistics in either direction for the purposes of paving the path for our own perspective.

If we question the stats, we've got to provide a well documented path with links to professional institutions, so our words hold power.

Many people will block out of this video when she says only 1 in 1000 are dieing. While I agree with her points, we also need to, while being skeptical - be as accurate as possible to project an unbias perspective.

We cannot give those that read our material any excuse to ignore us because the facts speak for themselves.

For the rest of us with half a head, it just takes a little step back to see that this situation was planned and/or is being used to further a global agenda.

I don't agree that this will be the worst thing. Worse is coming.

This is a trial, a trial to see how easily the people are controlled. A trial to condition the people to train them into a particular course of action.

This wave of 'control' is the beginning. I don't believe we can control any aspect of the present part of this agenda. There are other forces that will come into play soon.

It is better to be patient to act when you know your action will have an effect, than just stand up and drag a handful of people into a fizzle on the streets that quickly gets ignored and nobody pays attention. I have experience in activism. I've seen what is effective.

Yes it is very important we must be aware of the truth, but we must be very smart where we put our energy from now on.

The traditional forms of rebellion will have no effect, they have been prepared for by the governments and the media will skew their coverage as extremism.

Will you be able to say your actions and your stand has been effective when you are dead?

We must act when we know our action has worth, after reasonable deduction of the facts and the circumstances without allowing emotion to cloud our judgement.

Only then can we act with 100% certainty.

Society will polarize in the next coming months and splinter groups will break off and fizzle out. They will have no effect on the eventual outcome of the situation, of the 'grand plan'.

In my opinion it is better to wait, to study the opponent, to observe the alterations to society, to allow people to go down this path if they want to - because if they have not woken up now and decided to be their own person - they may never.

It is a fools attempt to 'rebel' now - an idealistic ambitious dream.

People are responsible for themselves. If they do not exhibit that self-responsibility now - they will never. These are tools of the individual that only exist through development in time, and there is no more time! It is up to the individual to save themselves within their own mind before we then join others that have done the same and from this a true community whose core currency is trust can be born.

There is no 'saving' anyone.

Good luck taking down an empire with sticks and stones. We need to be much smarter than just getting angry and throwing a couple of molotovs around.

You consider they care about the infrastructure? It has only gone to serve us and this system and it is now no longer useful for the greater purposes... now the streets will be closed and the towns and cities will be empty.

You think throwing a hissy at the government is going to work?

We need a better plan than this and we need to have 100% certainty of this plan. We cannot allow our emotions to cloud our judgement of this plan.

I understand we are angry, and people are angry and they should be.

But we must be smart!

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Well, they always say if ya can’t beat em... 🤣 be well man!


This is by no means a statement of submission. It is a call to look a little further ahead and use our brains.

Also, wishing you well in these trying times @balticbadger!