A damage boost that makes a difference in battle

For this week's challenge I will use the summoner General Sloan which is an excellent choice when you have a lot of ranged cards in battle because it increases their attack by +1. General Sloan belongs to the life deck and is a rare card from the Chaos Legion edition, its current value is $2.16 but at level 1 you can play it for free after buying the Spellbook because it is one of the starting cards you have, but using it this way will lower your rewards in battles.

As a summoner he continues to offer +1 ranged attack to his cards at all levels but it is necessary to have him at higher levels to be able to use higher level monster cards. Below is a table showing all of General Sloan's levels and which monster cards he is able to use with him at a given level.

General Sloan's mana cost is 4 which can be considered a bit high for some battles but the life deck has excellent ranged attack cards to combine with it and increase your chances of victory so it pays a lot to use it in battles.

Remembering that each league also has its card level limitations so even if you have a General Sloan at level 8 for example you would only be able to use him at this level if you were playing in the Diamond league or above.

Another reminder as I mentioned before is that the rewards mode in Splinterlands has changed so using starting cards will impact your DEC gains in battles and also Focus Points and Season Points to be able to earn reward chests.

Now let's get to the main part of this week's challenge, which is the battle.

For the battle I used cards that were quite useful and these cards were:

General Sloan (Level 1) as a summoner and he will be useful to increase the attack of my ranged cards as I mentioned before.

The Chaos Knight (Level 1) that is a great defense against melee and ranged cards because it has the Shield ability that reduces the damage taken by them.

Luminous Eagle (Level 1) which is a melee card with the Reach ability that allows it to attack from the second position, it also has the Flying ability that increases its chances of dodging attacks from other cards that don't have this ability.

The Time Mage (Level 1) which is a card with magic attack and has the Slow ability that reduces the speed of the opponent's cards by 1.

The Pelacor Arbalest (Level 1) which is a card with ranged attack that attacks 2x per turn because it has the Double Strike ability, with the help of General Sloan it will be my biggest source of damage in battle.

Herbalist ( Level 1 ) which is a ranged attack card and has no abilities, its mana cost is low and it becomes a great card with the help of General Sloan.

Xenith Archer (Level 1) which is also a ranged attack card with no abilities.

See the Battle

In the battle my opponent used the Summoner Obsidian which increases the magic attack of his cards and as he has many cards with this type of attack it is a great combination for him and also bad news for me. Also my main defense is the Chaos Knight who has the Shield ability but against magic attacks it is not useful so he shouldn't resist for a long time.

My opponent also has 6 cards in battle and one of them has a heal ability and another one has an ability that reduces the magic damage received so the Time Mage will have problems dealing damage at the beginning of the battle.

In this battle the available mana is 30 and there are no rules

Round 1

In the first round, Chaos Knight was my opponent's main target and as most of his cards had magic attack so he didn't resist for a long time and was soon defeated, after him the Luminous Eagle took the first position but also didn't resist for long time because my opponent's attack was quite strong so it was also defeated the Time Mage takes her place.

My opponent also took a lot of damage in this battle because I had very powerful ranged cards so his Unicorn Mustang that had the Void ability that reduced magic damage received was defeated and the Mycelic Morphoid that took his position too so now it's a 4v4 battle.

Round 2

In the second round having the Time Mage in the battle was also a great choice because it slowed down my opponent's cards and it made most of my cards attack first and because of that I was able to defeat 3 cards in a row my opponent before they were able to attack.

My opponent couldn't defeat any of my cards because only 1 of his cards was able to attack and now the battle is 4v1 with his Regal Peryton card in first position.

Round 3

In the third round Regal Peryton was the last card my opponent had in battle and before the second round was over she still took a lot of damage so in this one she had little health but she had a lot of speed and was still able to defeat Time Mage.

After defeating Time Mage, Pelacor Arbalest took the first position and as he is a ranged card he was not able to attack, but I still had 2 cards to attack in this round so soon afterward Regal Peryton was defeated causing the battle to end.


Besides General Sloan having cards like Time Mage were of great help but the highlight goes to my ranged cards that with the help of this incredible summoner were able to cause a lot of damage in battle making it not last long and that they defeat several cards in a row. Choosing Chaos Knight as the main defense was a mistake but there was no way for me to predict which cards my opponent would use so even though he wasn't very useful he was still able to deal damage in battle. If you are looking for a good summoner to deal damage in your life deck battles then General Sloan is the right choice for you.


A lot of players go with too much range attack, but really need to balance your team, nice writing mate.


Yes, having a lot of attack but not being able to attack later would be a bad strategy. Thanks!