Three Things of a Player Must Have.


Our Opponent is one point away to Championship Title. The nerves of my teammates are wrecking and the beat of our hearts are banging. The people who are watching in our game are standing and palpitating. It seems like we are in the middle of surrending and fighting.

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Being a Player isn't easy, we need to be mentally and physically stable. We don't have a trainor nor a mental health Doctor. We are just doing our best to cope up in hard things, most especially in crucial game. By the way, I am affiliated to one Volleyball Team in our Municipality which named "Kemfetiks". Kemfetiks, who are composed of strong, persevere and eager players. Because lack of support that out Municipality has we created our own team name instead the name of our Municipality.

What are the things that a player needs to build?

There are so many things that a Player needs to build before he/she to win the game. And, let see what are those.

1. Find Your Own Mantra.


What is Mantra?
a mystical formula of invocation

Every player should have a Mantra because that will be the one encourage you to be aim win in a game. Your Mantra is like your motto in life that you instilled in your mind. If you are always using your mantra then breaking you in a game will be hard. Mantra doesn't mean that you are boastful. Mantra is a motivation that you put in your mind.

Examples of Mantra;

  • If others Can, then I also.
  • I can conquer and win every game.
  • I can do this!
  • Everything is Possible!

2. Must be Mentally Stable.


Players must be mentally stable inside the court. Having a clear and established mindset inside the court will help the players to think what are the strategies and things he/she needs to do to get a point. Especially in a crucial game, if a player is mentally stable and it's easy for him/her to compose herself/himself to not pressure and find a way to get a point.

If a player is not mentally stable then expect that player can't focus on game. And the worst, the game will be lose.

3. Physically Stable.


Every Phenom Player engaged in trainings and body conditioning before they are called a phenom. You must undergo trainings for your body be a physically fit. Take it seriously every trainings you have and every drills that a coach said to perform. If you are physically stable then it would be easy for you to moved and adjust your body in any crucial game ahead fo you. Physically Conditioned means you can jump well, spike the ball well, dig the ball well and perform inside the court well.


We might have different battles that we go through right now in our different careers in life, just keep going. Always Choose what you think that is the best. Keep Dreaming and Keep Fighting.


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