Hello hive welcome to my blog 😌 i wish each and everyone the best in all our ramifications, today i will be talking about compliments.

Compliment is one of the best thing i receive almost everyday i will not say I'm a good man neither will i say I'm a bad man but to some extent I'm a good hardworking person, i have been receiving good compliment for almost everything I've done in my life.

I could remember when i was in school my lecturer always compliments me because of how good I'm in sports more reasons I'm the sport director of that school.

The first year i went to represent my school in sports competition and came home with glory i will never forget the big compliments i received both left and right.

As if that wasn't enough i get compliments even in my personal work I'm doing as an engineer i have never been abuse before and that is because i always make sure i do my best in whatsoever I'm doing.

That is not enough i also get compliments anytime i dress cute 🥰 and of course i love to dressing nice 🤩




Sincerely i will say it's the best to be good 😊 just make sure you put your 100 percent in whatsoever you are doing in life. Some months back i got a new students called Abigail and sincerely i don't want to give her a room to train with me because of how some ladies use to misbehave, all i gave her was a trial until she became my full time student, i use to train Abigail 3times in a week just this week she said she have a surprise for me.
She said honestly coach you are the best thing that could ever happen to me i never think i could meet someone so special like you i honestly felt this althou I've always been hearing this time to time but this is special she told me not every coach have time for their athletes and make sure they are good. I keep asking myself if I'm really good lols 😂 well to me I'm just doing the best i could for her and not only her but for everyone I'm training.

I believe that anything that is what doing is what doing well, i always give quality time to all my students at least i was once a student too but she kept saying i won't understand because she has been to some training center before and she never receive this treatment. Well to my surprise i think that is all.

Until this week Abigail said she wants to see me well i think it's just the normal training questions she want to talk about I'm surprised i received more than compliments today she was quietly working on the best complements ever. Here is the compliments.


This compliments is top-notch i never knew she's working on something like this honestly this is the best complements i have ever received so far and it's captivated my souls.


Who's Abigail? She is a young Tae-kwon-do athlete a very good and talented student of mine that is based on arts and drawing. I promise to bring Abigail to hive

A picture of Abigail

I asked Abigail how many day she used for this picture she said 4days. Honestly I'm so glad when she brought the picture to my office today 🥰 I'm actually shot of words and does not even know what to say to her.


I'm honestly motivated today 😂 i feel like I'm on top of the world 🌍 she sent the beginning of the pictures to me and how she finishes everything in four days




What i did to get this compliments is because I'm a good coach and i always try my best to make sure my students win and even if they are losing i will always be there to bring them up and finally my reactions towards this compliments is unexplainable I'm so happy that i can't even explain how I'm feeling when she brought it to me, i wish to always be the best my students can always look up to all the time.

Thanks for stopping by and your time going through my blog please have a great day 🥰.

All the 📸 pictures and drawing in this story are mine and the lady in this story is my student

this topic was inspired by @hive-learners community and you can go through @kronias writeup to get the full details.


Well, your coaching must have meant a lot to her, not every day a coach gets such an amazing portrait picture such as this

Keep up the good work.
Thanks for sharing


Not everyday a coach received that yes you are very right ! I guess it's meant alot to her and I'm glad too . Thanks for stopping by brother have a nice day


I know how good you will have feel when your student says those sweet words to you😁.