MPATH Weekly Report - 23 January 2022


Welcome to the MPATH Weekly Report.

The text is pretty much the same as last week. Active tokens have dropped further - estimate 5 more weeks to fully clear buybacks.

As mentioned in the most recent announcement, the MPATH program is winding down in an orderly fashion. Much of the text below is a copy of recent posts but serve as a reminder to those members who haven't yet acted. The data below will be updated weekly.

I have added the drop in the amount of active MPATH tokens per week, just to show progress. I shall only start tagging individuals once the current backlog has cleared - first come, first served seems fair.

We have finally reached the end of the line. The last distribution was done some weeks ago. Votes have stopped. The only thing left to do is to buy back the remaining MPATH tokens.

The power-downs come to about 2,000 MPATH per week, so you can calculate how long this will take. I see a long queue of open sells - either be patient or put in a lower price. On the positive side, the token price remains stable in HIVE and, seeing many other prices fall, this is no small consideration.

Just noticed this week: 12,500 MPATH tokens left and 7,500 HIVE - bang on 0.60!

I am glad I kept a buffer between the fund value and the market buyback price; as other token prices have plunged, that buffer has evaporated, but we are now bang on par value! If there is any value left at the very end, it will be sent to the MAXUV fund, which is where the original HIVE value came from when MPATH started.

I shall carry on posting just with token updates and how the winding-down process is going. The bulk of buybacks will take place during the weekends, with some smaller tranches when other third-party token sales are processed.

I have now removed one more metric, the effective voting power, as no votes have been given out for some time. We are really now just looking at MPATH tokens left and the HIVE that backs them. We are still earning while winding down and the best performing assets will be sold last.

Here is a graph of the MPATH token price. (Thanks to @gerber for the discord-bot.)

This remains a record of progress over the months. Any panic sales will be gratefully accepted by patient buyers.

MPATH members have received healthy votes, good weekly rewards and a slowly increasing token price. I hope everyone has been entertained.

And on to my usual closing remarks...

... silence.

For full details of how it all worked, please read How the MPATH Program Works [May 2020].

Have a good week!

The MPATH headline figures are:

MPATH tokens active = 12,500 (-2,100)
Earning HP = 27,700

Total HIVE = 7,500

MPATH ABV = 0.600 HIVE (+0.00, +0.0% APY)
Sale Price = 0.633 HIVE (spread 0.033 HIVE)

Earnings Distribution = closed

The Asset Backed Value (ABV) is our total holdings calculated in HIVE divided by the number of active MPATH tokens.

Any questions, please ask in the comments below or in our public chatroom.

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