Dream house .

Everyone wants to build their own house. But the current situation is for middle class familly it's better to leave it as a dream. Because in reality you can be destitute. Why am I saying this? In fact, now many people are buying land instead of buying an apartment. The advantage is that you can build a house by creating a beautiful house design as you want . Any size small or large As you wish. You can leave it half-made without making it completely. Can live by build a tin shed house. Much like own business. You can do whatever you want. Because the land is not lost. When you can afford it, you can build a house which is not possible if you buy a flat.

But the problem comes when you go to build the house. Because to build a house, its design needs to be changed at least twice. The reason is the owner's choice and budget. First of all the owners prefer a large house design without setting a proper budget. After the design is made, when the estimate exceeds the owner's budget, the design of the house has to be redone. After that, the design sometimes has to be changed due to the change in the owner's preferences during the construction of the house.


The image you see now it can be called my creation because I drew it. But it's not my plan. Actually this is the ground floor plan of a my relative's house . He liked this house plan to seeing it on YouTube. I changed some parts but he didn't like it. That video of him will grow like this. Anyway, which site he watched that video, I don't know, he draw some marks on a paper and gave me that as a house plan. And he said what he added in there , I tried to make such a house plan.

2 days ago I went to his house with the design and he liked the design. Almost everyone in his family liked the design. He immediately called a contractor. We talk for a long time and i try to explain the design to the contractor. After that we go to that land and measure. I gave an estimate of the design which would cost around Rs 13 lakhs in our country materials price . This is his first shock. This price just for frist floor . After that, when the contractor gives them the amount of his cost means all kind of costs the contractor, they get a second shock. Actually, the reason why I said the shocking thing is that I saw their plan and said that they cannot build this house with their budget. They took my words very easy. However after the contractor left they asked me to redesign it. I also said no. Because according to his new plan the cost will not decrease much. It will just be a waste of my time.

In fact, it takes a long time for a middle class family to earn 50 lakh taka. Yes house is a solid asset. Where there is no harm in spending. But if you spend this money, you will see that he will not have any money to do or do anything new. Because we always have to keep some amount of money for our treatment, education, food or any other field.I saw a man who spent all his savings in building a house. Even after selling all the gold belonging to his wife, he is spending on the house. He has managed his family by borrowing money from people and taking bank loans for many years. In fact, you will not realize when the estimated amount is exceeded while building the house. And you will never think of spending a little more money on a half-built house.

For now, their plans to build a new house are on hold. They will try again next year to plan afresh and build their dream home.