Don't Be Hard On Yourself: Life Is Simple



My mother told me a story of a woman who always troubles herself each time she doesn't get what she wished for. One day, she was going to prepare breakfast for the family. She wanted the food to be spicy because her sister-in-law came visiting.

As she prepared the recipe, she found that she needed more sardines to add to what she already had but it was cloudy outside. The young lady risked it down the grocery store down the street. While she was there, it began to rain heavily and it was difficult for her to leave.

While at the groceries waiting for the rain to subside, her sister-in-law went ro the kitchen to help her out and found that she wasn't anywhere around but the recipe stayed glued to her.
The sister-in-law made a delicious meal with the available sauce that the young lady had prepared.
When she returned after being drenched in the heavy, she found that the meal had already been prepared. How hyperactive she had been. She thought that she could have made use of what she had instead of taking such a risk.

From the foregoing story, you will deduce that life is not as hard as we often take it. Most times we seek what is not available to satisfy others. We should rather use what we have within our reach and not get into loggerheads with ourselves and our emotions while trying to get what is not readily available.

Don't Be Hard On Yourself

Records have shown in recent times that people age quickly because of getting to overwork themselves. Aside from the effects of the leakage in the ozone layer that has created some biological problems for man, another thing that makes life rather short is stress. People tend to bother about nothing as something.

Like the woman in this story, she wanted a better meal but it could have still been better if she had used what she had.
I phantom that her sister-in-law saw the recipe as complete and went ahead to a good meal from it.
She was grateful that her sister-in-law appreciated the recipe and saw that they were enough to make the meal, something she did not see.

Appreciate What You Have

What you have is enough to go the length. While we hope for something greater, we should never forget to love what we already have.
It is a natural law that whoever is able to appreciate the little they have would be more grateful when what they have increased.
Like the popular tale of a man who had two legs but had no shoes, complaining of his predicament; he appreciated his legs without shoes when he came in contact with one who had no legs.
In life, we are not going to have everything we desire. That is why the economist says that human want is insatiable. Hence what you have is your best at the moment and should be seen as such.

Evie Shaffer

The Pasture Isn't As Green As Supposed on The Other Side

We all should know that it is a sign of growth and the need ro advance that can lead us to want better things in life, we shouldn't be too carried away with what we think other people have or not.
The visiting in-law might have been seen as one who lived a better life, the more reason why this young lady had to risk the emerging storm so she could satisfy her in-law.
Most times we see people from a distance and feel they are happier than we are. People should be happy. Everyone should be happy. And we shouldn't live our lives on the life of other people. The people we see from a distance also have their own desires, pains and stories.
So, it may not be what you think. The best bet is to stick to your yearnings and pursue your goals with zeal and passion but with simplicity.

Live Within Your Means

The saying that we should cut your coat according to our clothes is applicable here. Everyone can earn what is called an income. Hence, that income is what we should plan to live on.

What I mean by income is what is at hand. The essence of life is to live once and to be happy in the short time we have. Let your earnings be the yardstick for measuring what you will live on. The peace of mind that you have or desire can come when you live within your means.
A lot of people are living in the dreams of others and have fallen into trouble as such.
This is life. Let it count but so not create an unnecessary tension for yourself in the process.

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