Father and Son



Kampus production

Thick blood accompanied,
Early morning coughs of cold,
No! It's a strong particle in the throat,
Make his breath difficult,
Grrrrh! He cleared the throat of those blockades,
Only for a thick clotted good to fall off,
Who would rush to the scene,
Mother and father hastened to the site,
Not knowing what to do.

This isn't ordinary,
An attack orchestrated by our enemies,
Mother spoke with such confidence,
Aiming to no one in particular,
An ordinary figure that is imagined,
A quick recipe of oil and sugar,
That's enough to kill the cough,
She continued as her wisdom referred her,
One day and another it persisted.

Mid night prayers was held,
Prayers of fires for cough to leave the poor boy,
Innocently attacked by what wasn't perceived,
A day and another it became a month,
Of persistent cough,
Look me in the eye,
One medic mentioned to the innocent sick boy,
It's generic!
Bring the parents in the clamored.

Critical observation showed it,
Father and son never got same traits,
Blood is different so is bone,
Now the question behooves,
Whose son is he?
Certainly not mine,
The argument of fatherhood raged on,
It's now a decade,
The son has no father,
The father owns no son.


It's so heartbreaking, to find out that the child you've been hurting from birth isn't yours.