Teenage Odyssey



Life was a mess already, being a Nigerian. There were too many rules, no boyfriends, no partying and worst of all no independence. Shola remembered movies like The High school Musical, Hannah Montanna and Riverdale where young lads and ladies lived to the uppermost of their freedom. Her friend, Remo, was a very lucky child. Her parents were not on her neck and she was allowed to do as she pleases. Shola hissed aloud when she also pointed out in her head that she had no designers like Gucci, Prada etc.

Just a week ago, her crush and secondary school sweetheart had confessed his feelings to her. Shola closed her eyes shut, trying to reminisce about the moment where his warm hand rubbed against hers. In his words, he had been "eyeing" her for a very long time and admired everything about her and what did she do? Like an idiot, she had walked out on him, saying she would think about it.

Shola felt cheated on, she had no right to expression, freedom or even having any form of emotional feeling or tango. Her mother had threatened to pluck her ears if she ever caught her in a romantic state with a boy talking less of having a boyfriend.

Poems, she wrote them all over even in her dreams about Clem and his name all over her jotting books and even textbooks. It wasn't a crime to be in love, she had consoled herself. Clem wasn't the only boy to have asked her out but he outstanded them all.

She made up her mind to tell him how she feels too. Her dreams of him becoming her future husband and having his children. Shola laughed at her exaggerations. Remo had a thousand and one boyfriends and the longest lasted only a year. Shola was still living in her fantasies when something dawned on her.

What if he asked for sex?

In her school they had been educated about the dangers of unwanted pregnancy and STDs but she could risk it for him. Then she remembered Mama's strong fingers and the pain that would follow. The twisting and the gripping of her soft fleshy ear like ripping a side of a cloth from the whole.

No! She'd rather abstain from the whole teenage drama than lose her ears.
One more night as cuddled her pillow, thinking about Clem and having a second thought to focus on her career first before a relationship like she had been taught by her Sunday school teacher.

The bright hot sun rays that flashed through the blinds in her room woke her up to another day. It was like a dream yet a dream that Clem isn't by her side. She still laid in bed, looking at the bright sun and seeing now she could live without her dream man, boy.
Again, she sunk into bed and covered her body with the duvet. It wasn't as cold as in the harmattan but she just wanted to close her eyes to find Clem on the other side.

The sound of the radio in the living room woke her up completely but she didn't bother to go there. The radio presenter was anchoring a program talking about teenage relationship and how they could get into an unplanned life if they make mistakes at that age.
It dawned on her that all these feeling are normal but not needed now. Shola now know better. It is not just about Nigeria, it is a world social issue.
Shola made a vow to put her feelings under control and focus on her career. Her conviction came the more after listening to the radio program.
As for Clem, they became pals, no stronger attached.


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