California bill on arms allows her citizens to sue assault weapon producers: Could this be replicated to other countries?


The rate and ration of violence and killings caused as a result of unregulated use of arms has been on the increase lately in this decade. There is also an increase in the record of mass shooting which is driven towards unregulated weapons by the bodies in charge of it. If so be the case what then is the fate of living of humans as killings are been taken to the next level.
Due to this fact,some countries trying to respond to this and coming up with means as to drastically reduce or end the rate at which mass shooting is geared by uncontrolled weapon as California is taking the huge step.

Mr. Newsom not only signed the bill on Friday, but he has leaned harder than ever into his rhetoric against Republicans. He ran ads in Florida and Texas attacking the states’ Republican governors, Ron DeSantis and Mr. Abbott source

Not quite long ago was there there consistent rise in mass shooting and the dangerous part of this is that there are killings and destruction of properties too,as if it has been under control,then there comes another shooting from a different angle in another city equating all to death too.

Catastrophic Analysis of the shootings

Kept on going on people's mind as owing to the fact that they care and Instead of dug out of the more reason behind the shootings,then a loose statement been made that the shooting was either geared up by mental retardation or the security operatives not doing their work. To an extent it boils more on the bereaved family because there isn't a concrete evidence to prove their claims.

Gov. Gavin Newsom of California signed legislation that would provide a minimum $10,000 award to residents who successfully sue makers of illegal guns.source

Truth they say is bitter but notwithstanding that,truth must be told. If there is a much and monitored regulation of the manufacturers and dealers of weapons as to keep a documentary or probably a wholesome examination of the purchases been made by individuals (ages)as to know why and to an extent strong reason why any bought should be licensed then will the shooting be brought to a low level .

This bill being put forth in California should be replicated in other countries as a way to totally eradicate to bring to nought the hidden agenda of the careless shootings.

Every life matter and all things legal enough should be done to preserve it