Can Cryptocurrency Take us this Far?


As it stands right now, greater percentage of transactions done worldwide is more of cashless policy in the sense that no body has the time to be carrying cash(money) in the bag or any medium rather having all to go through online.

Related to this is the case of cryptocurrency too that one might be in need of a particular coin, instead having in possession of such coin handy rather some transactions are been made with cash still cashless and such coin been purchased without the usual manual interface of transactions. The mere monitoring of this is one that involves alot of busy bee in the mind as to what is been cooked or next or state to the be the fate of transactions so far.

Relating Cryptocurrency to Cash(paper form)

Normal view of paper money is such that has the necessary authorities surrounded with qualifications and set of format, undergone through series of process and is widely accepted in such geographical location. Paper money is in different honors as numbers being the means of differentiations to it, though much respect is been paid more to the higher numbers with greater value attached.

Cryptocurrency on the other hand is more or less like cash(paper) having same similarities to an extent. A striking point to cryptocurrency is that all the coins is widely or to a more extent accepted in the whole world though much reference is been paid to some because of their value and exchange forms.

Irrespective of the fact that cryptocurrency is becoming much more global or even global already such as it was in years gone by. More transactions are been done through it in replacement of normal cash and much more that is involved in it. To an extent,some countries has inducted some cryptos as a means of exchange too making the knowledge of crypto been learnt the more and it been spread far and near.

Can Cryptocurrency be of same level to Currencies

Evident enough is the fact that for one to have in possession of some of these mighty coins like Bitcoin,BNB and others,enough currencies will be burnt to have one of them though because of the volatility of the crypto market at large not just to coins,there seems to be reduction in cash burning to get some cryptos which is what is called Dip in crypto language where at some point,more cashes are been burn to have one cryptocurrency which is termed to be Bull in Crypto language.

Not stopping at nothing as to the fact that some countries are buying into the idea of having cryptocurrency play the same or similar role in transactions as their usual or normal currency still is more work to be done to bring cryptocurrency and it's knowledge to lim light and to shine more brighter in long run. More countries hasn't bought into the idea yet some countries has banned it's usage or transactions related to it making cryptocurrency fall short to the rampant nature of an inducted currency.

Bitter truth is the fact that if more work and strong convictions in knowledge and exploration of what cryptocurrency is all about is not been taught or expanded the more in countries, continents,nations, different geographical locations,then will it fall short to usage and common nature as to match currencies already inducted.

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