Fourteen marine Mexicans crash in Helicopter in arrest and pursuit of a Drug lord




Taken to the next level as the pursuit to deal with injustice and social vices led to a disaster which caused the death of fourteen mariners as a result of the crash from helicopter.


Dealing with social vices has never been in doubt with good personnels in charge of military bases in different countries. One of the called culture of a developed country is that of which all forms of dealing or bringing violators of law is been brought to justice.

The United States’ motivation to find infamous drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero was never in doubt — hence the $20 million reward for information leading to his capture — there was less certainty about the commitment of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who had made clear his lack of interest in pursuing drug lordssource


Standing straight is the fact that to get an extraordinary result and extraordinary thing needs to be done. The price tag been raised to something substantial worthy of leaking the secrete to the discovery of the hideout of the drug lord being the extraordinary thing here. The rate at which people engage in social vices that unhealthy to humanity and country of residence of such people is becoming alarming nowadays.

The man allegedly responsible for the murder of a DEA agent more than three decades ago was rousted from the undergrowth by a bloodhound as Mexican marines closed in deep in the mountains of his native state of Sinaloa.The arrest came at a heavy cost: Fourteen Mexican marines died and another was injured when a navy Blackhawk helicopter crashed during the operation. The navy said it appeared to have been an accident, with the cause under investigationsource


Noted is the fact that lives are lost and injury procured during the process but still the target archived. Though the main causative agent to the helicopter crashing is still unknown though but looking into the sponsors and gangs of these culprit should be investigated too as they might be involved in the crash as a way of fighting back.

Using the captured culprit to set as an example is a good shot as that will discourage the plans and strategies been birthed in the minds of people to engage in such art.Our
accolades goes to the planning committee that legislated the capturing of the drug lord though price of life and many more were paid. Also to the families of the Mariners,receive the heart felt sympathy of every lover of good thing and one thing sure is that they died a hero.