The future of leofinance getting Brighter with these upgrades


It's going on and on,more updates,more upgrades,more conditioning and more understanding seen in leofinance community on Hive Blockchain. A never ending happiness to be seen more on this platform. Indeed the future is getting Brighter.

Hello friends, it's me again @mrhive001 from this quarter if the world and by this time of the day saying a very good morning to the lions in the hive Blockchain. May our day be blessed the more.

Series of updates and not just updates but still upgrades has been carried out recently on the leofinance community of hive , bringing more joy untold and that which no one expected during this time, and all these pointing towards earning for us all if we can utilize this upgrades and updates.
These upgrades include;

vexPolyCUB unveiling for Riches

One of the recent upgrade and updates on leofinance community powered towards earning and actualizing a great future for it's believers that invested therein. From the laid down rules, it all started with having polyCUB,staking of polyCUB which is called xpolyCUB and then saving the polyCUB to 2years which is now called vexPolyCUB. From the patterns drafted,it has an enticing earning strategy as it gives interest worthy of its saving. This can only be possible on leofinance community.

Onboarding of new leofinance community pages

Still one of the recent updates and upgrades on leofinance community as it is geared towards engagement as respective topics are been made available of which one can pick interest on, explore and write more on then have it curated. This still in the recent upgrade on leofinance community.

Microbloging and More :

This has to do with taking blogging to a different perspective and even to this web 3 sphere. Not just a mere saying that leofinance has to take things a little bit differently and say more to finance .

With these recent updates and upgrades, leofinance community is on the next world and set to have an incomparable sphere in the hive Blockchain. Many more to be seen still as we enjoy the available.

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