vexPolyCUB a tentacle of polyCUB expanded for a Greater yield


There is need for a expansion in business not just an expansion but rather an expansion that surpasses the imagination and thoughts in people's mind thereby creating a standard of which other project will rely on,the compound name of it is the vexPolyCUB. Having understood the fact that even from all measures that vexPolyCUB is destined to be great .

Looking at the primary source which is polyCUB,then there was a need for an expansion on investment then xpolyCUB came into play, not just concluded yet as it seems that there needs to be an upgrade granting the expansion a thorough light then the vexPolyCUB came into play.

Tell me a token with great potentials and a greater yield in all it's portfolios which was lunched in no distant time, somewhat a matter of months then I will point the polyCUB.

Genesis of initiation of the Tentacle

polyCUB --- xpolyCUB ----vexPolyCUB

polyCUB proven to be great and of high and solid foundation as it stood the test of time that befall it immediately a matter of most it was lunched which is the dip. literally all tokens lost its stand and hasn't recovered yet as a result of the nature of the market and the volatility in question.

xpolyCUB introduced as a means of adding to the value of polyCUB still directing to making profits and a greater yield. The staking of polyCUB called the xpolyCUB been employed and to an extent the turn out wasn't as measurable or equivalent to what is already in stock in the minds of the developer but suddenly an upgraded version of xpolyCUB was introduced which has a great effect.

vexPolyCUB ; The polyCUB been added to have a much greater value and a price tag given but came with a sacrifice which entails it's locking for 2years but a better reward .

Joining this moving train which would carry one to a safe and conducive place to an extent and also be of a greater reward to only those that buy the idea, come on let's take the ride.

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