Forever Love


"I love you so much, Dan."

"I love you so much too, Agnes. Let's promise by writing our names in this tree as a sign that our love will be forever."

That was 3 years ago when Agnes and I separated because of job-related issues. We promised to get married when we get back but sometimes fate intervenes and doesn't allow the things we wanted even though we are desperate for it to happen.

I went home crying and felt like dying because Agnes was getting married. I couldn't believe that she forgot our promise and after the marriage, I found out her family was in large debt and that marriage was the answer to it. We talked about it one time when she came to my home crying.

"I don't love him. I'm not happy with him."

That's what she said to me and asked me to run away with her. Even though I was so afraid of it, I didn't think twice and decided to run away to another town to live happily with Agnes.

Far away from the people to make sure no one would recognize us. I decided to live in the mountain part of Mindanao where it's isolated upon research. We started a new life, a poor way of life but it's a happy life. I had no regrets about what I did because I loved Agnes so much.

After 1 month of living on that mountainside, everything seems perfect. I had no worries even though life was a bit hard, Agnes was my strength and made me feel stronger. However, the happiness I felt was replaced with the hurtful truth.


One morning the household who lived in the other hills with his family begged to live temporarily because they heard the news that rebels became active these days. Unlike my house, it was located under those hills and covered with a deep forest. That's why rebels didn't reach there because they didn't think there would be a house. Of course, I let them live because I felt sorry for them.

After one week of living there, they decided to leave and went back to their home.

"Can I talk to you for a minute, Mr. Dan?"

The father of that family asked me and he looked so serious.

"Sure, let me tell my wife Agnes first. She might be looking at me if I didn't tell her."

After I told Agnes I went to that man to talk a little bit far from my house because he's afraid that my wife heard our conversation.

"What is it you want to talk about?"

I told him with a smile.

"I know it seems a bit personal but I hope you won't be offended. You are a good guy Mr. Dan and I want to help you since I'm a quack doctor. I even helped those people who experienced sorcery and almost died."

Still, he felt like he's not joking and it bothered me more.

"Please tell me right away because - I'm starting to be afraid."

I told him but I pretended to joke.

"About your wife?"

A sudden emotion rang in my head and made me feel intimidated.

"What's with my wife?"

I asked right away to learn what he wanted to tell.

"Did you know that your wife does not belong to the living anymore?"

I was surprised by his question so I asked immediately out of curiosity.

"What do you mean?"

"So you didn't know what's happening."

He said and told me everything.


"Your wife is already dead, to be precise she's a ghost. You couldn't accept her death and that's the reason you're being blinded from reality. Your love too much chains her not to leave you because she loves you so much as well and she didn't want you to be in despair. Let her go and tell her you will be fine without her. Let her soul rest because the world is not for her anymore but in heaven."

I felt hopeless. I felt like dying after waking up from my nightmare. The happy memories we had before and now popping up in my head made me into tears that never stop from falling. I couldn't believe I lied to myself because it was painful for me to accept the truth.

I kneeled down while feeling the brokenhearted heart that disallowed me to breathe. It was too painful and the more I thought about it, the truth revealed in my mind. I remember the day when Agnes was dead without knowing the reasons. My mind turned to blank and almost ended my life instead. To escape from that pain I forced myself to think that it's not real. The world without Agnes it's not real and in just a minute I saw her in front of my door when I opened that someone was knocking.

"Thank you, Mr. Yes, I promise to make this right."

"Okay, just ask me if you'll need help, and also thank you very much for letting us stay for a week. Don't worry, the body will fade but the love we have for that person will never be. It stays in our hearts even though it's painful. It's a good feeling to think we had someone we loved so much rather than not loving at all. Be well, Mr. Dan."

That guy left but encrypted his powerful words into my thoughts.



I saw her outside sitting but that time I saw her true facial expression. She's not happy anymore and looked unhealthy.

"I'm sorry Agnes for holding you this whole time."

I cried so much while saying those words. There were no lies for now. I felt desperate that I couldn't hug her anymore. All I did was kneel while watching her slowly fading with a smiling face. When I accepted the fact that she died, maybe the chain of her holding her not to leave the world was removed.

"I'm sorry to Dan, I hope you will keep on living and be happy. If I only gave you pain, don't be afraid because someone will come to make you feel happy."

"I'm sorry that my love imprisoned you until this time. I will let you go now even though I love you so much. It's better to see you be happy rather than seeing yourself alone as the only one to be happy. It's painful but I should let you be happy by setting you free."

The love of my life, Agnes faded and I couldn't stop crying but at least I felt lighter. Not from love but from the feeling of freeing someone because it makes them happy. The tears were the memories so it's alright to let it fall until I could accept the fact that it will be about memories for now and wouldn't be real.




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An interesting story with a hear-wrenching twist. To think that Agnes was already dead Dan was just living in denial. I'm also curious of the cause of Agnes' death but since it's part of the mystery, it might be better to leave it unanswered.