Be Yourself


In a world where appearance is important compared to someone's existence. Most people choose to hide rather than show up. Not a question about why some people don't have much confidence to face the judgemental society. They thought it was good to live discreetly so they would not be in the center of those sharp looks and pierce words. However, you can never achieve the feeling of freedom if you remain embarrassed. That's why stop worrying and start showing the real you. No matter what they do they can never ever change who is the real you. You don't need to be different but just be Yourself.

There's nothing for you to prove about something. Like comparing yourself to what kind of situation you have now; If you are unlucky or lucky compared to them. It's your life and you should be the one to worry about your own life. Nothing to be embarrassed about if ever your lifestyle is lower than theirs. Life is not about wealth or success as long as you are happy with the current situation you are in, that's fine enough.

Though we can't ignore the insecurities; If we can understand them we will find ways to deal with them. We are all not perfect in so many ways no matter how we work so hard to practice it. It's not true that to reach perfection we need to practice more. There's the improvement of course because that's the fruit of hard work. That is why we need to accept our flaws and embrace them for us to gain strength. Yes, we are embarrassed, it's normal because we want to show something we should be proud of. Just don't continue being like that, that life of yours can only be taken care of by you.


Don't worry about the words that others spread to hurt you or bring you down. We can't escape from those judgmental people because we can't please people who like us or love us. As long as you don't do bad to others there's nothing to worry about. Continue the kind of life you are doing and someday people will understand who you really are. A person doesn't need the attention of others because he/she can live on his/her own.

Don't pretend and stop worrying. Being yourself is good enough to let people understand that you are doing fine. Being yourself helps people understand that you are different compared to others and they will recognize the real you.

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