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Plants are like medicine emotionally. When it joys someone it means, the worries, the exhausted brain, and more will be healed. Just observing when you have nothing to do but to watch plants, all of sudden it helps you to feel at ease and comfortable. How much more when you grow it and spend more time taking care of it?


Perhaps, all of us are not ignorant about plants being beneficial to us. It's just that we don't have a space or available fields to make. It's important to have fields or lands where we can grow plants. Unlike in the mountains or hills, the wide available land space is everywhere. But you know, most people live below mountains because of many opportunities.


However, are you familiar with that quote? "There's always a way if you really wish for it." That's why it gave me an idea when I saw this neighborhood taking care of her plants and flowers that afternoon. I love growing plants so ideas are welcome if it helps me in many ways.



Yes, most of the time flowers can be seen in small gardens or pots. Considering the small space to be used. Flower is perfect to plant since all you need to do is water it and sometimes clean the grass. You don't need to put fertilizer because you don't need to ask much if you just want to grow flowers to beautify your day every day.



In some cases, growing spices or immediate ingredients is quite helpful too. In our village, lemongrass, moringa, onion, and onion leaves are always the basic needs of cooking. So having plants like these grow helps you not to go to stores and buy them. What's more, is that your cooking will not be delayed. Instead of buying or asking from neighbors, why not get your own by planting them?


You don't need a wider space. Outside of your house is already enough. Yeah, by planting your plants in a pot for sure you can grow them well, and can be used as well. Just a short of your time when you feel like it. You should always have that short time to avoid yourself being stressed. It's not resting but it's a healing process of your brain that allows you to have fun.

Start your own Pot Garden to make an excuse not to exhaust yourself too much. It's not hard anyway, it's just too simple that you don't need to tire yourself.

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I appreciate your plants - the flowers, lemongrass and other things in your farm. Yes even if we have a small space, it is important to grow some plants. One can start with potted plants if the space is little and then eventually find a bigger space.

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