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When I was young, my father was still alive. Many of my classmates discriminated against me because my father was a farmer. Of course, I was embarrassed, and even ashamed of that kind of job because as a child like me didn't understand the importance of being a farmer. Maybe I was just not proud of this kind of job because I only adored those people who wore uniforms.

Time went by and that child version of me turned into an adult. Instead of working in a crowded environment, I chose to be in a place where it's quiet and peaceful. It's true that it's hard to get or to have the things I want materially. Considering it's far from civilization and in the same situation, not too many businesses decide to invest. Well, it's a matter of understanding if you want that kind of lifestyle, together with the kind of environment.

I didn't realize how fun and amazing to have this kind of life. You are just not having fun growing plants but are amazed as well when you can finally eat the plants you've been taking care of. Just yesterday we decided to eat the sweet potato leaves in our meal. We saw another crop bearing fruits under the soil. You can tell that it has a fruit when you'd see the leaves that are changing its color.

Although, farming doesn't guarantee to always have a good harvest. You can be so sure that there's always food you can eat from your plants. You may not earn well from it, at least you can not be hungry, thanks to it. You don't need to buy if you don't have money because it's yours. Whenever you feel like eating you can anytime. It's just a matter of choosing the kind of lifestyle and together with awareness.Why you'll ask much when you know your situation. If you'll understand it and don't ask much about life you will be happier by Farming.

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There's always good food in farming.
I always site those farmers who provide us with food on the table. I salute your father as well.